Inspired by Korean Fried Chicken - Honey & Sweet Spicy Recipe || Sharing session


So hi gais! Memandangkan kite berada jauh dari KL tapi teringin nak makan ayam ni tetibe, so I try to make homemade one hahahaha so gigih.

But anyway, if you gais wanted to try, selamat mencuba! My personal favourite for this recipe is the sweet and spicy one, but my kakak love the honey soy honey one! It might not be 💯% exactly the same taste with the one you tried at the kedai tho....

After trying this recipe, i discover that soy sauce, vinegar, honey, mince garlic and ginger play important part in building the taste.
Ps. Please dont ask the amount, my style is secukup rasa... 🤣

Selamat mencuba! Pape boleh tanya je kay!
Assalamualaikum :)