I've finally graduated!

... in Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery!

So Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Preconvo photoshoot

Happy almost one year anniversary of graduation Puan Mujahidah! *Pat pat*. I know this is such a long due post, Hahaha!

*Graduation Trip Travelogue will be updated in separate post :)

Early morning on convo's day 

Basically I was graduated on February 2017, after almost 6.5 years, yes...... in Egypt that was the minimum duration for Medic's degree. The hardest part is when most of your friends had working, further in master etc, but you still stress with your exams and grades 😭

Oh btw sorry I wanted to write this post in Malay but I think I express my feelings better in English, tho I'm not that power ranger in English but please spare my flaws. My language of writing doesn't define the Aku Bangga Jadi Anak Malaysia in me okay 💕

My study journey.

 I started my first year on 2010, when I'm 18 years old.

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Yes, I was there during the Ops Pyramid 1 & 2 tho my place was not badly affected but the journey to Cairo during Ops Pyramid 1 is kinda surreal for me, I mean I'm still young at that time, 18 years old koooot, so yeah.. We'd given the choices to transfer credit to Malaysia's University but being a loyal person (cewah), I decided not to and continue my study journey in Egypt.

Highlights some of the things that I can't forget during my study year :

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- I felt the shakiness during earthquake at nearby country. It was just few seconds tho.
- I fall from the tramco (mini bus) onto the road. It was embarrassing and ach but thankfully nothing serious happened.
- My phone nearly been taken away from me by pickpocket, but luckily I saw where she hid my phone and quickly snatched it away and my only response was semi shouting "LEH?? LEH??" which means WHY.
- UK tour with my parents and alang.
- Paris and Amsterdam tour with my friends.
- Athens, Vienna, Hallstatt, Salzburg , Venice and Rome tour with my husband.
- Egypt tour with my friends.
- Graduation trip with my parents and husband.
- The stressness during exam months.

Preconvo photoshoot

Study tips.

Good friends are really important in shaping our study pattern. I was blessed with such a great and hardworking friends since my first year (even of course there are some conflicts during the early days...due to my personality... tapi sekarang dah okay!). But really, one of my motivation to move and study are my friends. Seeing them study makes me feel guilty when I didn't. So... yeah.

Good friends are also important in avoiding us from skip classes. My friends are the type that didn't like to skip classes, there are times when I'm under the mood tapi bila nak ponteng rasa bersalah bila tengok diorang bersiap nak pergi kelas and at the end of the day, I'm glad I didn't skip the class. Another tip to avoid skip classes is always remember, bayar yuran mahal-mahal, rugi lah ponteng kelas!

My housemates from my 3rd year until graduation

I know some are smart enough to pass the exam just by reading books and not going to class. But personally for me, even how sleepy that class is, at least there is 1%  the class will help in anyways, being in exam or simply just by small talks between me and friends regarding certain topics.

To be honest, I'm neither a genius nor a straight As student. My SPM result was average, not qualified to further medic in Malaysia's public university. I easily understand what the lecturer's said but easily forgotten to... so... I must work and study hard as I realized I'm not a genius and naturally talented in memorizing medic's fact.

Oh yeah, do ask for parents and husband and family members to keep prayers for you too :)

My sources of strength... and finance :P

Pretty angel on the earth

Why do I choose Medic?

The hall that witnessed many historical moments in our life for years

I envy with people who knows what they wanted in life, what they wanna be, like... how can they be so certain in their life's goals! And I'm here weighing this and that 😅

So, how can I further in Medic?
One of the biggest reason is I always trust what my parents choose for me is the best. Then I go along with it and along the journey, I felt in love with Medic.

Seriously, doesn't my dad look so hero-ish here?

I used to dream of being a doctor when I was a kid, but as I grew up the dream seems kinda far as the subjects in school become more tougher and I started to dream of being an actress which ofc my parents will be like whattt  if I told them, a TV anchor or announcer or reporter and a singer hahahaha I really like to sing but I guess I must differentiate between dream and hobby....

On graduation day

When my parents had given me the opportunity to further in medic, I think that's the best chance for me to redeem my used-to-be dream, prove that nothing is impossible and I can do it.

So, the answer is I choose Medic because of my parents and I eventually fall in love with it and I can't see myself doing other things. You know the excited and wanna be joyah thingy when people around me talk about medic related thingy?

I discover my love for fooodsss and I can cook during my youth era

Financial support.On my early days, my parents fully supported me financially. But it's not a small amount of money, our fees are in Thousands US Dollar, so when converted to Ringgit Malaysia, it was quite a sum... but Alhamdulillah later on MARA had given me the opportunities to be one of their students, paying my uni fees (applied using my end of year result). So, currently I'm a MARA payer. Hahaha.

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Long distance relationship.

Before I further my study in Egypt, I was offered to be part of IIUM's (UIA) foundation program. At first, in Law, but I appeal to change the course to Bio Science. So, I'm a CFS UIA's student for about 2 months (2010).

There I met my (now) husband.
Who was in the same courses with me. And same math class.

One of my source of strengths

Honestly, nowadays LDR is not like the old days, we have internet to communicate via lots of apps be it texting, calling or video call. We can simply see the other person in different benua by just one click... and strong internet connection.

It's more about ourselves. Are we really ready to commit LDR and be loyal and trust each other and... trust in ourselves.

Plus, before I'm LDR with my husband, I've already did with my family, tho the feeling is different but the concept is the same. Kot.

It was hard during the first few weeks after back to Egypt from Malaysia. Then insyaAllah by spending times with good friends who are like our family at Egypt, things will get back to semi normal.


My thoughts after graduation?

My parents play the biggest role throughout my journey, then my husband comes along. No matter what, they always trusted me even me myself didn't know either I can do it or not. So major part of my graduation scroll are actually filled with their trusts, doas, motivations and hardwork too.

My family on my convocation day

Being a medical student I learned one important thing. It's not a matter of you are you, me are me. It is about us. We  put our effort together, avoid selfishness. It is not about competition. It is togetherness. Of course feeling of competitiveness is a must to make us do our best, but avoid feeling jealous of others' success. Work as a team.

If any of the readers wanna further study in medicine, of course nobody is allowed to crush your dream, go for it. But if you wanna take medicine for the wrong reason, i mean like for showing off or popularity, trust me the study style itself is not that popular, idk yet about the working environment. Once you steps in the game, change your style of thinking, put efforts and hardworks there.

My miracles

Hopes and dreams.

Idk what will happen in the future, but for now I'll just enjoy the moment. I hope I will be tough mentally and physically in the future (work) and take everything positive as the tools for me to give my more more more best and the negative one as a learning journey.

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My dream will not stopped here. I am originally like to teach and I hope I will continue the next level of education and catch my dream. Never felt enough of knowledge. Never felt we know all the things happened in the universe. Never be Mrs-know-it-all.

I hope if any of you readers have a realistic dream, walk for it. If the dream seems so so so far away, run for it, put more efforts than others do, because it's your dream. Don't give half effort, enthusiast at first and later.... think of the people who trusted you and you who trusted yourself.

My inspirations

And, never compare yourself with others. Their success may intrigued you, but you never know behind the curtain story. Just.. try to give our best.


I would like to thank my parents for always always always (infinity) trusted me and giving me this opportunity. Thank you for all the financial support, the flight tickets, the permission to get married in the middle of study years and the endless love and trust. You are my backbone.

Thank you to my husband who's willing to experienced thousand kilometres of bitterness and super sweetness of antara benua long distance relationship. Alhamdulillah we graduated! #Cry . Thank you also for all the doas and support and trust and the money, time etc sacrifices to celebrate my graduation trip together. I love you. I hope we will give our best to whatever comes in the future.

To my family and new family members, thank you so much for always send me to the airport whenever my holiday break ended and watch all the airport's drama LOL. (Memories started to complete the puzzle rn hahaha). And also for the trust and doas.

To my friends, thank you so much for all the memories together. All the helps throughout my study there, the emotions, etc. And sorry for my shortcoming.

To all the teachers of Tadika Amal Gombak, SRI Al-Amin Gombak, SK Taman Sri Gombak 2, SRAI Sg Chinchin, SMK Sungai Pusu, CFS IIUM PJ, Zagazig university, thank you for helping to shape me to who I am now.

Thank you everyone who's reading this and always support me and pray for my best.

And most of all, thank you Allah for everything.

Tho I know I'm far from perfect, I hope this little achievement makes umi & abah happy,
And my husband proud of me.
Seeing them smile because of me, is one of my fondest, happiest memory, ever.

Mujahidah Asri, 2018.