Seoul travelogue 2018! #MuMuWiFly Chapter 2.

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

Hi guys! So my husband and I went to Seoul (14th - 17th March 2018) and we really enjoyed every bits there. Em walaupun at the end of the day lenguh sangat sampai balik kena kaki rendam dalam air panas 😅😅

If you guys wanna read and watch where we go or what we eat or if you guys wanna do some research before go to Seoul, please keep on scrolling down and watch our travelogues okay!

This time I'll compile all 4 days travelogues in 1 post so I hope you guys will enjoyed it!
Ps. On each day's travelogues I'll put video before photos. Highly suggested untuk tengok both kalau you guys nak buat research 😛

14th March 2018

07.00 am : Flight from KLIA2 to Incheon International Airport.

Vlog - preparation & day 1!
Skipped to minute 2:21 if you dont want to watch the preparation

Arrived in Incheon around 3 pm. Took Arex train in the direction of Seoul Station. Do download apps Kakao Metro it's really really really helpful for public transport especially metro.

We stayed at Beewon Guesthouse, Jongno-Gu. The nearest station is Jongno-Sam(3)-Ga, about 10 mins by walking.

The place is just nice and reasonable for the amount we paid. The staffs also really really nice and other amenities like iron, drinking water machine (free to have water whenever), kitchen, computer room are available. Some tourist attractions like Cheongdokgung Palace also within walking distance. But the thing that I like the most is its warm floor. Really nice! And the partition (there is small space) between room and toilet, you may see it in my video above. 

At the metro station

We went out to have our dinner at around 6 to 7 pm. We had our dinner at a restaurant called Halal Kitchen (in Bukchon area). The restaurant is really nice, the alleys are also chincha yeppoda! Lots of prettyyyy cafes. And the foods at Halal Kitchen are really mashissoyo! Nomu nomu 💓

Station : Gyeongbokgung station. After go out from the palace main entrance, walk to the left side about 10 mins until you found like palace pavilion monument, turn left. Walk few meters more. If you found a museum (I'm not sure either it is National Palace Museum of Korea or the National Folk Museum ) on your left side, yes you are on the right path. Walk a lil bit more until you found a mini police box few meter in front and beautiful alleys with beautiful cafes on the right side. Cross the road. If you see a car with art painted on its body, yes that's the road. Or if the car is not there anymore, just go ask people around where is boy london shop :) Do play the video for clearer version!

Pretty shops everywhere

Halal Kitchen. Direction in vlog :)

After having our dinner, we decided to stroll around Han river (Banpo Hangang Park). I was actually hoping for the rainbow fountain show but I guess it's not the season or... we came too late or too early hahaha.

Station : Dongjak Station.

Han River

 People exercises


15th March 2018

Good morning! Ready for new day's adventure!

Day 2 vlog!

This is our guesthouse

They provide umbrella for rent...... for free!

We start our second day with... a long journey to Nami Island by train. It took about 1 hour 30 mins by metro. There're other faster mode of transportation but because we wanna save money sooo.

At the metro station

 Station : Gapyeong Station.
Again, do download the Kakao Metro apps. It really help in guide where to transfer, estimated time, etc.

Arrived in Gapyeong Station!

Upon arrival, we took a tour city bus which need us to pay *amount on video*, pay once for the whole day tour around there exclude entrance fees (Famous place : Nami Island, Petite France, Gapyeong Railbike, Garden of Morning Calm). Pay at the driver.


Ticket counter for ferry and entrance fee for Nami Island

Our first stop is Nami Island. Basically it is a really peaceful and pretty island. Kitorang sampai lepas hujan, so kabus agak tebal (tapi cantik) dan sejuuuuuuk. In the peak of winter season, they said there are lots of snow here and there. Tapi waktu kitorang sampai ada some areas je yg still ada ice (mcm padang yg ada ice). Regardless snow or not, spring season or not, it still pretty in my eyes. I really love the environment.

If you have lots of time and want to have like.. just relaxing time.. walking and strolling around and surrounded by nature... this is a great place to do that.

Strolling around Nami Island

Better model than I do hahaha

Abah cakap mcm dekat kampung kitorang je. Hahahah kkkk

Nami Island

Must have pose lol 

Okay one proper pose

As you can see it is a poster of the famous Winter Sonata, a hit Korean drama, even in Malaysia too! But i didn't watch it....😅 But i still know the OST okayy (Malay version - Sonata Musim Salju). I think there are one or more scenes of the drama took place here so that's explained the poster and apa orang panggil mcm monument dekat situ.

One must have pose toooo

Pretty thick fog, pretty lake, pretty view!

I really love this photo....

On our way back, it started to rain again.

Our next place is Gangpyeong Railbike. There is not much of photos here (except selfie 😛) because it is kinda dangerous to hold a camera while cycling on a rail track. Anyway, there are some footage in the vlog, just in case you guys wanna watch it.

Cycling on a rail track

Personally it is kinda tiring but it is a unique and great experience, especially with pretty surrounding. Cuma I expect lain sikit, tapi maybe video yg I tengok tu dekat rail tract lain. Hahahaha tak cukup buat research sebab ni last minute punya tukar plan 😅

Tapi kalau you guys consider nak pergi sini, dia punya service bukan 24 jam ada eh, dia ada fixed timetable. Contohnya in case you guys pergi sini pukul 2.45 pm, taksemestinya you guys boleh naik pukul 2.50 pm sebab next jadual dia pukul 3.00 pm. Gituuh. So, boleh buat research dulu lah ya. And great leg muscle power! Oh and sila tele schedule korang dengan jadual bas kalau taknak tunggu lama!

After that, we took the train back to Seoul and enjoyed our night at Myeongdong! 

Pretty man with pretty stuffs in pink in the backround. Awwwwh


Hawk eye 😛 There are lots of cosmetics and skin care shops here....... Love Love!

We had our dinner at a small halal restaurant at a small alley in Myeongong called Busan Jib. The landmark is small alley beside Frisbee. But we kinda lost at first so what we do is, go to the Tourist Information Office and ask for the direction. The staff is really nice and helpful and we get a Myeongdong shop's directory map for free! Yayy!

Myeongdong is such a great place for us to street food hunting too!

Pretending studying the map :P

Believe it or not, I can control myself here from impusive shopping! #iCry


16th March 2018

Haiyyayy ready for new day adventure! And exercises!

For our 3rd day, the theme is.... Seoul Tour!

Day 3 vlog!

Smile to start the day! Shawl by MujahidahAsri 😛 But really, so behave for the whole day! Such a great shawl for travelling.

This is our usual route to the metro station

Our first stop is Gyeongbokgung Palace. Entrance fee in vlog! Free entrance if wear hanbok. This place is relatively large and gives the old feeling vibe! And full of history of course.

Station : Gyeongbokgung.

Bts vlogging

In front of the entrance

In front of the palace

Fascinated by the old school lock which I usually saw in the drama

Do. bring. tripod. for. quality. according. to. your. taste. couple. photo!

Such a goooood decision to bring this selfie stick - for vlog!

Honestly, I'm such a good photographer too! 😏

Bts vlogging feat pretty palace

Taman istana dan taman di hati saya chia chia chia

See I told you such a good decision

Seriouslyyy such a pretty hanboksssss

After strolling around the Gyeongbokgung Palace, we went to the Bukchon Hanok Village which is reachable by walking distance. Buthonestly, not that near as we need to climb quite a hilly road. To save energy, do ask the tourist information checkpoints (person in red - in my vlog) so that you are not wasting time getting lost plus energy depletion hehehe.

On our way to Bukchon Hanok Village

What special in this village is the architecture preservation of the houses here. They are beautiful. Classic looking houses near the city with lots of modern looking buildings. This is actually a residential area so we need keep our voice low so that we didnt disturb the residents.

I'm getting better with reading a map

Bukchon Hanok Village

Cutest when he did what he loves

Do. bring. tripod. for. quality. according. to. your. taste. couple. photo!


M's kind of pose

After strolling around the hilly Bukchon Hanok Village, we decided (err I decide and M's kind-fully follow the plan) to go to the SMTOWN @coexartium. As some of you guys know I really love a kpop girl group called Red Velvet and they are from this company. So... yeah. That's explained.... right.

Station : Samseong. (Near/In Gangnam area).

Tho I looked like that I am actually SO EXCITED

Posting this just because it looks elegant. I mean the lighting and background.


Proud Ahjumma fan


So we tried Ice Americano.

Inside the gift shops.

Outside the building.

Our next in the schedule is, going to the Seoul Central Mosque located in Itaewon. If you guys wanna eat Halal food, this area has lots of halal restaurants.

Station : Itaewon.

Seoul Central Mosque.

In front of the Seoul Central Mosque

In front of the Seoul Central Mosque

We planned to have our dinner at Hongdae. This place is great for having nightlife ativities like shopping and just sitting on the bench overlooking lots of street musicians etc.

Station : Hongik Univ. Station.

Excited ahjumma.


Street Musician everywhere.

Prettyyyyy flower.

Although we planned to have our dinner here, but as we couldn't find Halal Food here, we decided to go to another places which is Dongdaemun and have street food as our dinner. But pls, do a research first on halal street food in Korea before eat eh! (No photo as we were in rush hahaha sorry!)

As dark night slowly approaching, we decided to have a quick romantic stroll at the Cheonggyecheon stream (Which I always saw this place in kdrama hehehe).

Station : City Hall. But need to walk quite a distance to reach here.

Self lighting hahaha

Cheonggyecheon stream

Cheonggyecheon stream


17th March 2018

Last day in Seoul..... but hopefully will come here again one day!

Day 4 vlog!

Polaroid photo with farewell note to the guesthouse!

So untuk last day ni kitorang decide untuk pergi beberapa tempat je sebab dah nak balik kan dan nak kena ke airport supaya tak terlepas check in time.

Tempat pertama yg kitorang lawat ialah Cheongdokgung Palace. Palace ni dekattt je dengan guesthouse kitorang. Dalam 5-10 mins jalan kaki, so kitorang tak perlu naik public transport. 

Tapi kalau korang perlu naik metro, station nya adalah : Angguk Station.

Tripod yg banyak berjasa sepanjang trip ni.

Honestly, I really really really really reallyyyy loveddddd this palace. It's so, so, beautiful (and it is not needed to walk such a long distance). Changdeokgung Palace was the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1405. It was the principal palace for many kings of the Joseon Dynasty, and is the most well-preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon palaces. Changdeokgung Palace also recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site tauu.

Again, I really loved this palace.

Feel like princess while in fact... hahahahaha

As you can see, I rent the Hanbok! Usually there are few shops around outside the palace that can rent the hanbok and mine was from HostelKorea, few minutes from both my guetshouse and palace. This rental place provided 2 types of hanboks,= with 2 different rates. One is traditional like the one I'm wearing, another one is I'm not sure the term but it is more modern fabric stylish like hanbok. You can enter the palace for free if you wear hanbok.

Oh before I forgot, this palace has a secret garden, but to enter there the entrance fee is different, even if you wear hanbok, still need to pay some amount. But we didn't enter because unless you have a tour guide, there is schedule for free tour guide but the schedule did not meet our schedule.... so.... but it's okay the palace itself is amazing, I love it!

At times I was wondering what is Muadz's posing concept 😅

Cheongbokgung Palace

Drama pose concept

Skema pose concept

Feeling princess for an hour half ?

Despite the tilt angle, I'm such a good photographer.

While I'm feeling princess, he's feeling warrior.... with camera.

Before we forgot to do this must have pose
(Can you imagine how hard the photographer need to lower the camera angle...😅 )

Route to the rental place , guesthouse and Jongno-sam-ga station.

I miss the palace already.

The next and second last place we officially visit before go the airport is Namsan Seoul Tower. If you familiar with the famous love-lock-place photos people took in Korea, here is the place.

To go here, we may ride on bus (link here) or cable car. We choose to ride the cable car.

Station : Myeong-dong.
After arrived in Myeong-dong station, we choose the hard way to come to the cable car boarding place (walking up the hill...) but actually there is easier way to go there as at the end of the road there is elevator to go to the boarding place. Pls do thorough research okay!

Arrived in Namsan!

At Namsan, Muadz meet up with his Korean friend, In-Kyo sshi after a longgg time. Muadz and In-Kyo sshi met back in 2015 or 2016 I think during Muadz's internship at University Malaya.

Muadz and In-Kyo sshi

After meet at the promised place, have a quick catch up on each other's life update, In-Kyo sshi suggest that we had a sit at the bench and watch cultural performances while having cups of coffee. Oh and he bring his fiancee too, whom I called unnie!

Persembahan kebudayaan.

Pretty art looking chocolates!

The famous chair I always see in photo

Such a creative sudiplock

I'm talented too, ya knaw


Overseeing the city view from top 


City view with city man

That's the tower at the back


Such. a. tourist

Me, Oppa, Oppa's chinggu, unnie

Both unnie and In-Kyo sshi are such a great host. They treated us no less than a super bestfriend. From Namsan, to Myeong-dong, then helped me buy last minute banana milk to bring home, then back to the guesthouse for final packing and patiently waiting for us to pray before go to the airport. Insist to treat us for dinner and find halal food for us to eat. I missed unnie especially, tho that was the first time we met but I felt like I have a Korean unnie already.

If you watch Boys over flower and remember the scene where Jung Pyo and Jan Di at the cable car, but not this high lah, I think dekat base cable car tadi je

Lepas spend time dekat Namsan, kitorang having a quick shop at Myeongdong again! I should shop more but I limit my shopping desire hahahah good job kan?! Oh yeah I beli  roti bentuk ikan tu lagi, dapppp.

Then, we are heading back to our guesthouse for final packing and perform our prayers. Oh on the way nak balik guesthouse tu kitorang singgah convenience store beli ni :

The famous Banana Milk! Tapi I dah beli sebenarnya the night before. My husband love the grape one.

And then we heading to the airport, together with In-Kyo sshi and unnie. The journey took us about 1.5 hours.

To cut story short, after saying our goodbye with In-Kyo sshi and unnie and see them go, my husband pass me a paper bag given by In-Kyo sshi : 

Such a surprise! 😢

Honestly, my husband did not buy much for himself. That's the way he is, ajak I pergi sekali lagi kedai kosmetik ni just in case I teringat-ingat tapi tak beli, tapi bila bab diri sendiri lupa nak beli or taknak beli entah 😢 Bila dah balik Malaysia baru tersedar hahahaha aigooo.

So bila In-Kyo sshi bagi hadiah dekat Muadz, I was so happyyyy because at least he got something from Korea too! Or actually, we should go back again lah kan Oppaaa and you can buy yourself one thing or two waktu tu! 😛

Our flight back to Malaysia was around 11.50 pm Saturday night and we arrived around 5.50 am. It was a packed journey but we enjoy it very much. And already missed it.

But the biggest thing that changed is, my husband dah pandai cakap basic Korea sekarang. Bila nak balik dari kerja, he will called and say "Anyyeonghaseyo, dddeee, pamokja *undetectable sentences followed*". Education through lawatan sambil belajar yg berkesan. Thehehehe.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully I can get to do more travelogues after this!
Assalamualaikum :)