Rough budget and tips sharing! #MuMuWiFly 01

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So this is one of the highly requested topic, how much the budget eh?

As our trip started from Egypt, the budget is slightly lesser than from Malaysia. So, if you guys wanted to start the journey from Malaysia, please expect a little bit more budget than this yeah 😆

Usually when I'm planning the trip, there are few steps that I need to do in order to avoid over budget. As I'm still a student at that time and have some extra times (sometime), I was the one who is in charge of planning where to go, what to do, book the accommodation etc. And my husband doing he's expertise, recording the budget and manage our finances throughout our journey.

*The budget I stated here are the one for our recent Europe's trip :)

First step.
Planning your date .

Please make sure you confirm your travel date as usually if you buy a ticket for a cheaper price than usual, usually there are extra fees that you need to pay if you wanted change the date, and it is..not..that..cheap.

Personally, I choose 7-8 days for maximum travel days, mostly due to energy hahaha.

Our budget.

Flight ticket : +-RM 2410/2pax
But this is not the total amount that we pay because we need to pay extra fees-change the travel date (not gonna stated it here due to some reasons).

Winter Break 2015, UK with UmiAbahAlang

Second step.
Plan your depart and arrival port.

If you wanted to go to multiple destinations, usually there is an option for multiple destinations on airline website. Let say you wanted to depart from Egypt and then arrived at Italy by flight and then travel by train to another countries and wanted return back to Egypt from Austria by flight, yes you may do that by the multiple destinations option.

And there are lots of external website that offer you flight ticket for cheaper price than stated on official airline website. But I'm not gonna share it here because I have quite unpleasant experience after need to change my flight ticket, so yeah. Just wanted to remind you guys that if you decided to used those websites, please search for reviews regarding their service first, okay!

Winter Break 2015, UK with UmiAbahAlang

Third step.
Begin planning your trip!

Know your concept for travelling.

- You wanted a relaxing trip or you wanted to visit the whole famous place exist in that city?
- You like historical or nature or just simply strolling around?
- Where you wanted to go?
- Only big city in that country or you wanted to go to other province too?
- How long do you wanted to visit that particular place?
- Are you on budget on foods?
- Are you on budget on accommodation?

These are some questions that you may consider.

Winter Break 2015, UK with UmiAbahAlang

Fourth Step.
Start survey and book your accommodation!

My personal favorite website is booking.com (not a sponsored post), I'm now even a genius member too! This become my favorite because of their user friendly website and stated almost all the things on the website without having me to search here and there.

Things that you may consider in booking your accommodations:

- How much is your budget?
- Do you want to stay inside the city area and lessen the travel time or you dont mind pay lesser for the rooms but quite distant from city?
- Will you spend much time in your room?
- Do you mind sharing rooms with strangers (hostel) or do you want a private room?
- Hotel or appartment or b&b or hostel?
- Are you a person that need a proper brakfast?
- Are you sure with the date? And that place? Or else there is another option for free cancellation (a little bit high price than non free cancellation). This is my top priority. Free cancellation just in case I changed my mind later on.

Winter Break 2015, UK with UmiAbahAlang

Our budget.
Accommodation (6 nights) : +-RM1253
We save one night budget on accommodation by taking overnight train from Salzburg to Venice. 

Fifth step.
Start surveying the ground transport.

- Learn their public transport system.Unless you have extra budget to rent car for days, this should be listed out :)
- Start to get familiar with the places name & district. Some places are reachable just by walking, so we can save on public transport.
- Some countries provided daily pass, this would be such a help if you need to use the trains or busses multiple times in a day.
- Research using google maps also helps a lot!
- Certain countries have excellent public transport's service. Download the apps and it may helps a lot on budget your time and money.

Winter Break 2016, Amsterdam

Our budget. (Per 2 persons)

- Athens Metro : 36 Euros
- OBB train (Airport to city) : 7.80 Euros
- Wien 48 hours pass : 26.60 Euros
- Ferry Hallstatt : 5 Euros
- Hallstatt to Salzburg bus : 28.80
- Salzburg 24 hours pass : 8.00 Euros
- Venice waterbus : 40 Euros
- Rome day pass : 14 Euros
- Trenitalia Leonardo express : 28 Euros
- Train from Vienna to Hallstatt : 48 Euros
- Train from Salzburg to Venice : +-58 Euros 
- Train from Venice to Rome : +-56 Euros

Total : +- 356.2 Euros /2pax (+- rm 1770)

Sixth step.
Planning your budget for other things.

The above steps are basically the basic things that need to be consider on planning budget trip.... unless you are going with your parents and fully sponsored, so what you need to do is.. just prepare for your fashion lah hahaha.

Once you done all the basics preparation (Flight, accommodation and ground transports), you may allocate your budget on foodsouvenirs and other utilities (eg. lugagge storage at the train station).

For food, As for my style, I'll bring simple / instant foods from Malaysia / Egypt to cut budget on breakfast or lunch. For example instant noodle, Brahim's instant food, flavored bread, chicken or beef luncheon etc. And.. if you are the type that need heavy breakfast, you may consider hotel that provide breakfast :)

Winter Break 2016, Paris

And regarding my foods budget, first I'll aim certain food that famous in that particular countries to taste the originallity :p For example:

- Vienna coffee and hot chocolate - 9 Euros , Cafe Central Vienna.
- Pizza - 2.50 Euros Somewhere near Venice's St Luscia train station.
- Pizzasssss - 18 Euros Luna Caprece in via Rosella, Rome.

Secondly, on the spot I-wanna-that:

- Fish fillet burger inside the airport - 7 Euros.
-  Kebab & nestea peach - 5.50 Euros.
-  Coffee - 4.85 & 3.60 Euros.
- Mineral and coffee - 2.80 Euros.
- Fillet O Fish - 10 Euros.
- Mineral Water - 2 Euros.
- Hot chocolate - 3.50 Euros.
- Etc.

Roughly we spent about 78 Euros (2 pax) on foods, for 6 days.

Seventh step.
Other things.

Winter Break 2017, Rome

Please allocate few cashes for emergency, just in case :)
AND please take care of your belongings. Yes, we should enjoy our holiday, as we already spent times and looking forward for the trips, tapi enjoy enjoy juga, keselamatan jangan diabaikan okayyy.

Eighth step.

Winter Break 2017, Hallstatt.

Refill your excitedness and enjoy mood tank! Treasure every moment andddd Happy holiday!

I think that's all for now and I'm sorry I can't write the exact budget due to some reasons (and we might have different styles and travel concept :P). Any questions just ask me okay, if the question boleh dijawab, I'll try to. Hope this will help and.. don't forget to do a thorough research on your destination okay!

Thanks for reading!