Travelogue Day 7 - Bye Rome! #MuMuWiFly 01


This gonna be our last Europe travelogue for 2017 (And hoping for future opportunity to visit these history rich countries). Basically we spent the morning strolling around Rome, mostly by walking (only once by metro) and then went back to the guesthouse picking up our things and go to the Roma Termini to catch express train to the airport.

As usual, do click play for video! 

Such a great memories!

16 / 2 / 2017

7.58 am : Having our last Europe 2017's breakfast.

Bread, cup instant noodle, Brahim's, luncheon, cheese and yesterday's pizza for breakfast!

9.50 am : Collaseum
It is the largest amphitheatre ever built.



Dedicated photographer

Dedicated photographer

10.20 am : Palatine Hill.
Near the Collaseum. Just few minutes by walking. It  is the centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. But we didnt enter and explore further as there is admission fees #budget :P 

Dedicated photographer

11.16 am : Trevi Fountain

When the wife become the stylist

Love you to the moon and back

My favorite angle

Muadz and camera

11.51 am : Pantheon

Muadz and camera

Muja and camera

Muadz's favorite model evah

Love you to the moon and back!


Syed Muadz read the map

Nur Mujahidah Ariff read the map (Basically I'm more pro lah kan :P)

Beautiful alleys everywhere

12.15 am : Piazza Navona

One I try my best pose for the record

One he try the best pose for the record

Tech geek?

Cutest when he do what he likes

While recording for vlog

1.11 pm : Packing and ready to go to Roma Termini (Walking distance).

Passing by Passing by basilica papale di santa maria maggiore

2.08 pm : Roma Termini to Fiumicino Aeroporto via Trenitalia Leonardo Express

Self service ticket!

5.25 pm : Flight to Athens (Transit)
Arrived at Athens at 8.25 pm.

Dedicated wife...

11.50 pm : Flight to Cairo
Arrived at Cairo at 1.50 am.

#MuMuWiFly 01

Afterwards we wait around 1-3 hours, waiting for my parents (from Malaysia) and continue with our  graduation trip!

Tangkap gambar sendiri2 pastu post ala-ala tangkap gambar masa yg sama

Hahaha gigih

Thoughts of the day:

- This is such a wonderful memory for us. And always missing this adventure. 
- Rome is such a nice city.... and romantic too... 

Visit the city recommendation : 9.9/10 !

InsyaAllah I will post regarding roughly budget for the trip and maybe some tips to share for planning your bagpacking trip after this post. Thanks for reading!


Travelogue Day 6 - Bye Venice Hello Rome! #MuMuWiFly 01


In the morning, we spent our day travelling around Venezia Santa Lucia station, photograph this and that, enjoying Venice's morning view. The waeather was so good and so romantic... (probably because there is live violin music accompanying the morning).

And as usual if you wanna watch the travelogue, just click play on this video okay! 😁

Travelogue Day 6

15 / 2 / 2017

11.00 am : Hotel check out.
(Ps. I love the breakfast! And the breakfast's staff! And the room's deco!)

Thank you Tre Archi Hotel for such a nice stay!

Wachu doin haniy

Nice view kan...

11.25 am : Strolling around Venezia Santa Lucia.

Ma favorite angle

His favorite model

Overlook the Scalzi bridge

Ma favorite model

He got such a great skill! Tho I know nothing about violin, tapi music dia sedap di telingaku.

Background : Grand Canal

Our luggages are pregnant. Came with 2, back with 3...

Looking at my favorite photographer

.. πŸ˜…

1 pm : Journey to Rome! (Roma Termini)
We used Italo. The train is so spacious and comfortable!

Buhbye Venice!

4.++ pm : Arrived in Rome. Check in Casa Cleo.

We rest first and then having our dinner at Luna Caprese (Halal Pizza restaurant! Nyummeyhh) but I couldn't find the photo in my gallery...but don't worry there are footages on video so, if you wanna watch it, do click play on this video okay! I put the video on guide to go to this restaurant too :D

Night in Rome!

8.45 pm : Trevi Fountain

It is the largest Baroque fountain in the city and one of the most famous fountain in the world. The fountain has appeared in several notable films, including Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita, the eponymous Three Coins in the Fountain, and The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

My favourite

My favorite too hahaha

9.09 pm : Spanish steps

Dedicated photographer

We spent the night in Rome by strolling around the city. The night view in Rome is such...a...bae... we both loved it! And missing the view already hahaha.

Thoughts of the day :

- We both loved Rome even just strolling around without doing anything specific (Without using any public transport... especially when our accommodation is in the centre.)
- Visit the city recommendation : 9.9/10 !


Travelogue Day 5 - Hello Venice! #MuMuWiFly 01


I know this is super super super super super super late post! About.... almost 11 months ago since #MuMuWiFly 01. So... sorry for those who's waiting for this post and requested on my ig DM etc etc and thank you alls for reading!

So... let's get started!

As usual, who wanna watch the travelogues in video, you may click play on this video below!😁

Click for videoπŸ˜‡

Oh before that, I wanna apologize because I dont think I could listed the exact time for our visit as...
1. I forgot most of it as it had been almost a year....
2. And most of the activities are not according to my planning - got lost here and there #badtimemanagement

So let's get started! For real....

14 / 2 / 2017

8.30 am : Arrived in Venice!

Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station

9.00 am : Drop bag & early check in.
(We stayed at : Hotel Tre Archi. About 20 mins walking distance from train station. )

Ready to Venice-strolling!

Canal is almost everywhere 

In front of our hotel

Yard inside the hotel

Main mode of transportation : Waterbus , watertaxi.

Scalzi Bridge (One of four bridges over Grand Canal)

10.15 am : To Murano via waterbus.
We actually wanted to go to Burano, but to get there, as we ride from Ferrovia station, we need to ride the bus to Murano first. Murano is famous for its glass making!

Murano is actually a collection of 7 individual islands, all linked together by bridges.


Simone Cenedese's 'Comet Glass Star'

Murano clock tower

Funny incident : I confidently say "Giant glass cheongsam!" , which of course will be laughed by my husband. It's sempoa...... how to say in English eh?

11.45 am : Arrived in Burano (Journey from  Murano to Burano took about 30-45 mins)

Burano is famous for its lace work and brightly colourful homes! Very instagrammable...

Fun fact; the color of the houses follow a specific system, originating from the golden age of its development. If someone wishes to paint their homes, one must send notice to the government, who will respond by making notice of certain colors permitted for that lot.

But first, let us have our lunch. Roti inti coklat all the way from Egypt! #Jimat

Colourful painted houses!

Shine on me, let it shine on me - Wendy of Red Velvet, song: Happiness 😝

 2.36 pm : Back to Ferrovia veporetto station and heading back to hotel.

But let us take out our dinner first!

6.35 pm : Strolling around Piazza St. Marco.

There is direct waterbus from the waterbus station in front of our hotel (Tre Archi station) to S. Marco - S.Zaccaria station.


Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri)

Venice's canal night view

Pretty fairylights

St. Mark's Basilica

The romatically famous gondola ride in Venice.

Excitedly bumped into a couple in masquarade masks!

Grab a cup of hot chocolate

After strolling around Piazza St Marco , we went back to our hotel and ready for tomorrow's journey!

Thoughts of the day :

- Venice has always been the place that we wanted to go together and we are so grateful for this chances!
- Visit the city recommendation : 8/10 !