Day 3 & Day 4 #MuMuWiFly 01


I know there are hugeeeee gap between previous post and this post, sorry! Busy coping with new life routine and schedule, I'm now a child care's teacher ehem :P (Part time teacher waiting for the call). Despite the busy-ness sor far I'm enjoying my work!

So that's it for quick life update, let's get to the main topic! 

Day 3, 12th February 2017 - Vienna to Hallstatt to Salzburg

Channel : Mujahidah Asri

08.43 am : Check out hotel.

Us in front of the hotel

Nearest train station to our hotel, about 5 minutes walking.

The public transport is easy to use if we know where are we heading to,

9.32 am : Wien Hbf.

10.00 am : Train to Hallstatt. (We are using OBB train. Really comfy!)

1.32 pm : Hallstatt Train Station.

Road to the jetty (Ferry).
Walking distance from train station to the jetty took about 1-3 minutes. 

View from the jetty.

1.39 pm : Ferry to Hallstatt.

No-roof part.

Yes-roof part

My baby boo :P

1.47 pm : Hallstatt

Arrived at UNESCO World Heritage region - Hallstatt!


Beautiful village surrounded by lake and mountain.

Thank you for fighting against your jetlag!


Gigih self timer :P

4.11 pm : Bus to Bad Ischl

Near bus station.

Bus arrived! (Region bus)

4.23 pm : While waiting for interchange bus to Bad Ischl (I cant recall what was this place's name, Hallstatt something... but the view was sooooo beautiful here!)

4.27 pm : Bus to Bad Ischl

View from the bus.
During our ride, the bus was full with kids coming back from snowboarding I think. What a healthy lifestyle (with such a great gong back home's view...)!

5.15 pm : Arrived in Bad Ischl Station


Bus station.


6.20+ pm : Bus arrived. Journey to Salzburg. (Took about 1 hour)

Thoughts of the day :

- Hallstatt is a really beautiful place to visit!
- But the accommodations around here are quite pricey, that's why we've decided to just have a day trip here, but the journey to go here and from here to Salzburg took quite a time (Plus waiting for the bus to arrived)
- We can't find where is the luggage storage (probably because it's Sunday...) so we have to carry our luggages here and there...
- If you wanna go here, do plan your trip well okayy to save time and energy, but it really worth to go here!
- Visit the town recommendation : 8/10!


Day 4, 13th February 2017 - Salzburg


9.56 am : Check out hotel

10.26 am : Salzburg Hbf - Lugggage storage -

How the station's looks like. Really convenience and comfy.

11.06 am : Mirabell Palace and Garden

One of the entrance

Icy fountain. This place is really beautiful in spring / summer (How I knew it? Google and youtube of course :P)

11.36 am : A little bit lost hahaha

11.43 am : Back to the route.

11.47 am : Bridge of Love (Makartsteg) & Salzburg river.

cc syed muadz.

11.55 am : Stop for snack-ing.

12.08 pm : Get my dose of coffee at Billa Corso.

My husband asked me to pose in front of this shop. Rare.

12.20 pm : Mozarts Geburtshaus (Mozart's bithplace)

Admission's fees

12.23 pm : Exploring Old Town Salzburg. (Veryyyy nice alleys with tons of shops!)

1.28 pm : Hohensalzburg Castle.

Exercise to the castle xD (Agak mendaki jugak lah)

Yes, exercise!

The view from top

The view from below.

3.07 pm : Mozartsteg (Mozart bridge)

3.09 pm : Strolling around Salzburg river & town

Thoughts of the day :

- Salzburg is really nice even just walking around.
- I think those who watched Sound of Music movie would really enjoy coming here!
- Visit the city recommendation : 9/10!

Thanks for reading! See you next time insyaAllah.