Day 1 & Day 2 #MuMuWiFly 01

Assalamualaikum wbt.

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This gonna be quite longggg post as I'll compressed 2 days travelogues in 1 post :)

On early February, my husband and I had our first ala bagpacking duo trip together. It's supposed to be almost 2 weeks trip, but due to some unavoidable reason, our trips were shorten to a week duration. Nevertheless, it really was a fun trip and we make a great decision to have our Europe trip maximum 7 days, because :
  1. My husband travel for more than 10 hours from Malaysia to Egypt, then less than 24 hours we have to be ready for our next flight to Athens. So... yeah.
  2. And he's jet lagged. Hahaha
  3. We have to save our energy for tour Egypt pulak.  

For this Euro trip, I'll make 7 travelogue videos and 4 photo posts on this blog.
  • Videos will include site of places we'd visit, prices, stations, etc.
  • While photo posts will include itineraries with roughly estimates time, personal reviews or maybe budget, etc.
Click play on the videos and scrolled down the posts, okayyy.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll post tips to plan DIY trip - no agent to save budget , later on.

So without further babbling, let's get started!

Day 1, 10th February 2017

Click to play. or visit my youtube channel : mujahidah asri
Please noted that travelogue day 1 is kinda so-so, because we doesnt have that much activities as we are traveling between countries.

04.50 am : Flight to Athens.

06.50 am : Arrived in Athens. Transit for about 9 hours.

- Looking for prayer area. (Included in the video, hope it will help those who wanna know where is the prayer room in Athens airport).
 - Surveying nearest attractions to visit.
 - Went to Halandri to go to its market but decided to go back to airport before steps on the                      market as we need to ride one bus to go there.
 - On our way back, I saw IKEA is near the airport!
 - Then I realised I'm a lil bit energy-less, so short nap at the airport.
 - Breakfast.

04.20 pm : Arrived in Vienna.

- Got our 48 hour day pass. Go to our hotel by train.
*The train is easy to access if we know the train line and.... need to make sure all the                           spellings are right. Really. I mean it.

06.30 pm : Arrived at Austria TrendPark Hotel Schonbrunn Wien.

- Have our dinner and rest. Somebody's jet lagged. And we have to recharged our energy                       for more walking for the next day.

Budget for the day.
- Food (Breakfast at airport) :
- Ground transport :
- Others :

Thoughts of the day.
- We met really really really nice local people on our first day. Friendly and realllyyy helpful. To be honest, I'm a little nervous to go to Europe country at that season, at first, as there are some hot issues on mass media as most of us knew and I'm wearing scarf,. so yeah.. I'm a little nervous at first. But all that vanish at that moment. Their smiles and curiosity aren't lie. Throughout my stay at Vienna, never once I felt excluded. I feel very very safe. Really.

Day 2, 11th February 2017

Travelogue Day 2.

07.23 am : Breakfast.

Eating at the balcony and enjoying the view before rushed in because so cold...

08.30 am : Strolling outside the hotel.

The hotel is really in nice and calm neighbourhood, near one of the attractions and train station.

08.35 am : Schonbrunn Garden.

The entrance to this garden is just about 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel.

08.41 am : Strolling around the Schonbrunn's Palace garden

*Excited tengah snowing waktu ni

09.12 am : Schonbrunn Palace.

Main entrance.

09.50 am : Schonbrunn Train Station to Karlsplatz Train Station.

10.18 am : Vienna State Opera.

10.33 am : Historic Garden - Horticultural monument

10.42 am : We actually wanna go to Hofburg Palace... but without realised we actually had arrived, we just pass it and took looooonger route..... hahaha.

At the background is actually the entrance.

10.54 am : Austrian Parliament Building.

11.04 am : Volksgarten

11.17 am : Hofburg Palace

12.17 pm : Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs.
*We actually kinda lost at that time and found this building by chance. Such a niceeee and calm area.

Yes. Self timer camera setting.

12.21 pm : Cafe Central.
I really wanted to taste the famous Vienna Coffee and found this cafe by google beforehand.

01.27 pm : Naschmarkt

Garage sales area

Our top reason to go here is... to buy bread.

Although it IS a market, but it doesnt look like usual market that I've been to. Super clean and comfortable to shop. Kinda looks like mini village.

2.17 pm : Time to go back. Somebody's started to massage her muscle... while waiting for traffic light to turn green.

7.27 pm : City Hall, Vienna hugeeee Ice Skating Ring, Rathausplatz

The setting, view and environment are so...... wonderful.

Thoughts of the day.
- Vienna is so calm and beautiful and clean and yes, I glad we make the right choice to come here even though it isn't included in our plan (Yes, we dreamt to go to Europe together for yearssss, at least once, while I still in Egypt). Out of 10 stars, I would like to give 9.75 stars for city to visit recommendation!

End of #MuMuWiFly 01 travelogue Day 1 & 2. Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for the next day travelogue eh!
Assalamualaikum :)