Daily Diaries : #MuadzMujahidah 's first anniversary celebration!


01st August 2016.

I can't believe we already reach one year old, still baby, still need a lot lot lot of things to learn. But it's such a happy thing to celebrate and.. I didn't want to miss this chance to thank Allah SWT  for all His blessings, for everything.

To our parents for giving your permissions, for trusting us, for supporting us, thank you so much.

Dear M.
When I first met you, I never knew you would be this important.

In fact, when I knew you more deeply, I just knew that we maybe (only Allah's know) already encountered each other since we were 12. For few times.

You took PSRA in our school.
You came to our secondary school for silat's practice.
You joined the same maths programme with me and I've even said you 'gemuk' to my friend, which I think you aren't actually,  it's me the one who's ignorant, LOL.

But you know,  Allah's planning is the best.

Eventhough I think our first official meeting didn't give you much good first impression, but somewhat you actually have interest in me (lucky me), but didn't take the first step due to some circumstances.

For being considerate to my situation at that time, and for all times in fact, and for the feelings. I'm grateful for them, really. 

Throughout this year, I know and always realize, I do lot of mistakes. But thank you for catching up with me. Thank you for learning together with me. Thank you for all the patience. Thank you for accepting me and... thank you for asking 'Will you marry me'.

Let's find and complete our missing puzzle together, Syed Muadz AlHabshi!

Happy 1st anniversary  and still counting insyaAllah.

Love, Mujahidah.
Your-sometime-over-expressive wife.
(Sorry, even I couldn't figure out my personality yet. Good luck in learning them! :p )

#MuadzMujahidah's first anniversary celebration.
Official Photographer : @spelo89 (ig)
Official Videographer : Syuhada
Gambar biasa2 : Muadz & Mujahidah!
Deco by : @bloombysincerity (ig)

Hi! As some of you may know, my husband and I are currently still in long distance relationship... tapi takpe insyaAllah sikit je lagi insyaAllah. Doakan yg baik-baik kays!

So... we decided to celebrate our first anniversary in advance, on 10th July 2016 which was on 5th raya I think because I need to go back to Egypt and continue my fightingggg before our officially anniversary date, 1st August.

I really love event planning, decorations as some of you readers may know... so yeah. And the theme for that day's event is.... beach picnic!

The venue was at Lagoon Taman Rekreasi Chendering, which is the same place as our wedding photoshoot, one year ago. My my my, I'm such a high sentimental value kind of person, right? Hiks.

As I've stated before, I'm using service from an event planner for setup this event, which you can check them out on instagram : @bloombysincerity ! I really love the decos, cantik macam dalam gambaaar. They all ada sediakan packages deco & food. All are included in the package, except for the dark chocolate cake.

This is, as usual from HB Bakery. Nyums!

Included in the package that I purchase : Detox water! Personally, sedaaaap. Bottles boleh bawak balik!

Included in the package : Cupcakes!

Included in the package : Kekacang. Bottle boleh bawak balik! ( I gave them to my mom, boleh tambah koleksi kuih tunjuk :D)

Included in the package ; Black Pepper Mushroom Bread. Personally, it's a little bit spicy but bearable :D

Included in the package : Sandwiches. Suitable for light snack.

A kinda flat lay photo for the foods.

Deco - Tempat tissue and plastic.

Overall photo with the ballooooons! I love balloons!

Photo by my husband.

So the event started with personal photoshoot and videos (tapi video tak boleh post :P) among ourselves, sebelum makanan and tempat bersepah dibuat kitorang. Hahaha, that's explain why there are two styles of photos in this post! One is by ourselves and one is by our official photographer!

Cantik kan gambarrrr. We are using service from the same photographer that shoot our solemnization photos! Can check them out on instagram : @spelo89 . Can click this for view some of the photos during our wedding.

And then, we cut the cake. Bila fikir balik waktu both solemnization & reception, kitorang takde acara potong cake rasmi oh hahaha, paling-paling pun potong kat dapur sendiri2 xD So guess that this is the first time we cut cake together kot xD

Pastuuuu makan. Bila dah ada energy, we are having fun among ourselves macam gambar kat atas ni. (Padahal baru lepas panik belon terlepas. Nasib baik Muadz pantas jadi hero of the day cepat-cepat tangkapkan) (Dengan videographer panik xD)

And like this. #MuadzMujahidah tengah tunjuk bakat lakonan. Sebelum I spoiled the mood dan ketawa. Honestly, we are not that level of jiwang yet. Hahaha let's fighting to be more jiwang! Shall we, SM? Hahahahhaa. Okay dah.

Lepas kitorang dah habis berphotoshoot sesama sendiri, photographer pun sampai yeayss just in time. I really really really really really really really love the outcome!

Dah lah presentation box cantik!

Rasa macam dapat hadiaaaah. Eh, memang hadiah pun! xD Gambar pun cantik..... Ni antaranya :

Memula ingat nak toit kan kat hidung je.

Pastu ubah fikiran. Hahahaha #paksarela

Pastu dia pun ubah fikiran mana boleh dia sorang kena kannn xD

Kayh fineeeee.

Condong ke kite sebab posing dan gravity tau, bukan sebagai bukti berat naik tau.


Kiri 2015. Kanan 2016.

Sebagai penutup, ni gambar dengan photographer kitorang @spelo89 . Thank you!

Ni pulak dengan videographer aka assistant :P

Later on after this picnic, I presented mini story book which I sketched on sketchbook, about our stories and my feelings and etc, which my husband and I think, enough to keep the storybook just for us, so tak buat waktu event and post it here (My sis ask earlier that day eh tak buat tentatif yg tu ke sebab I sorokkan sketch book tu dalam bilik dia berapa lama tah hahaha).

And... afterwards some small telepathy games yg mana dia kena jawab jawapan sama macam I jawab. Hahaha dulu I kena kan waktu bridal shower , dia yg sediakan jawapan. So, I've prepared answer in videos & reward him with coupons kalau jawapan sama dengan I. Jawapan yg tak sama, coupun untuk soalan tu I yg ambek. Yeays!

I think this is one of his favourite voucher. Hahahah

Terima kasih semua untuk semua doa, ucapan, nasihat etc etc. Sangat sangat menghargai! Untuk yg menjayakan my first surprise event for my husband, #MuadzMujahidah 's first anniversary celebration ni, thank you so much! Thank you husband for enjoying this event and makes me feel appreciated!

#MuadzMujahidah . Semoga sampai syurga. Amiin.

ps. Throwback solemnization's & reception's videos.
(Thank you untuk semua yg menjayakan majlis depan dan belakang tabir & sentiasa mendoakan yg terbaik)

Thank you for reading! Assalamualaikum :)


Daily Diaries : 2016 Raya !


So, this year's raya marked my first raya with my husband. We decided (Or to be exact, I was the one who planned the schedules and he agrees to it) to celebrate 1st raya at his kampung which happen not to be so kampung haha! and go to my kampung on the next day, tho it's about 584 kms away from each other.

Ramadhan for few days at my house and then went to his house few days before raya, celebrate preparation raya and 1st raya at his kampung, then raya at my house and stay a lil' bit longer before come back to his home in Gombak then prepare to go back to Egypt. I mean, win win situation lah kan :D Hence, so far no small argument where to go back for raya, for now hihi. (Thanks husband for agree-ing to my plan!).

So, hows my first raya at husband's kampung? So far so good. The differences were just, new faces, traditions and 1st raya foods. Only a couple of minutes (or was it more?) of emotional unstable on pagi 1st raya.

So far, the things that I find a little bit different from my usual raya is :

1. I learned how to anyam ketupat after all those years malas la nak buat. TAPI, still tak menjadi rupa ketupat LOL, makanya volunteer untuk ketatkan anyaman orang lain jelah.

My husband being my personal paparazzi.

2. We prayed solat raya at masjid negeri, there's speech session before solat and khutbah.

3. My husband's kampung is not a kampung actually. It's located near Melaka Sentral hahaha. So I called my husband #bandarpeople. xoxo

4. On pagi raya, there is sambal udang served. I thought they are just extra lauk, until M's aunt told memang tradisi almost setiap tahun. This is new!

5. Ada like formal session untuk sesi bersalam-salaman. But I didn't know..... so I started my own sesi bersalam-salaman minutes or hours before hahaha!

6. Malam raya ada takbir dari rumah ke rumah. This is my first time experienced this as far as I can remember :D

7. Okay this is the most crucial point. This year marked the starting era of not getting much duit raya because status dah kahwin. Hahahaha! 

Takpelah, claim duit raya dekat awak jelah eh? xoxo

1st raya at Melaka.

She wanna joined us biasalah-married-couple-excited-1st-raya-sesame-photoshoot.

New family and had a great time!

On 2nd raya, we started our journey to go raya at my side pulak.

It took about 5hrs+-

But first, we stopped by at rnr to buy my favourite ice cream's flavour! Mint Chocolate Chip!

So, 3rd raya - my side's raya family potrait, as we the-already-married-adik beradik pakat untuk raya 1st dekat rumah mentua masing-masing dan balik on raya 2nd, so the corumn jadi penuh, from this.... 

To this.

And this.

Okay baru formal sikit.

Tapi tak berapa formal baru rasa soul sikit.

And this.

So we got several spots to potrait photoshoot and this is one of my favourite formal photoshoot because it's like kampung feeling.

But. Yeah :'D

We always have this photo tradition of boys only session and girls only session.

And this is the boys only.

And the girls only.... except for abah.

Tapi........ walaupun nampak macam cukup korum dah, sebenarnya ada seorang lagi adik yg tak balik, ada dekat Mesir, so my favourite personal photographer pun gigih lah edit from this.....

To this.

Hi bro, you are in this photo!

My favourite personal photographer.

My favourite personal photographer and his woman. :P

One of my top favourite couple in the world!

I can't remember this was at which day of raya, but fireworks are like our family raya traditions.

Photo by my favourite personal photographer.

Fireworks! Who followed my instagram can check the fireworks video out on my ig okayyy, it's super cool rather than in photo.

So.. that's short note to sum up the first, first 3 days raya, with my husband (and looking forward for years ahead insyaAllah). I really enjoyed them!  Plus he has finished his study, soooo he can spent lot more time with me without going back to Kuantan while I'm in Terengganu, and sooo I can be extra clingyyy because when he's away, I'm quite indipendent. But when he's near, holding my own handbag feels like a big task for me! Hahaha :P

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin daripada #MuadzMujahidah .

Di kesempatan ini, saya nak mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan memohon jutaan kemaafan untuk semua salah silap saya dan suami dan kitorang semua lah, sepanjang kami masih bernafas dekat muka bumi ni. Salah secara sengaja atau tak sengaja, yg personally kenal kitorang, yg kenal kitorang dekat social media, sorry kalau ada perbuatan atau kata-kata kitorang yg terkecilkan hati sesiapa ke. Kalau kitorang ada hutang sesiapa tp kitorang tak ingat, tuntut tau, sama lah kalau ada sesiapa hutang kitorang tapi kitorang tak ingat, ingatkan okayy. May all of us have a blessed day ahead!

Thank you for reading and salam syawal!