Daily Diaries : Resipi simple cream puff with custard filling.


Dulu pernah lah jugak berniaga cream puffs ni tapi sebab dah lama tak buat, jadi... Hahaha. So semalam kite buat cream puffs with homemade custard filling dan excited to share the ingredients and steps, dan untuk reference masa depan jugak. Kite tak ingat kite refer recipe ni kat mana, dah lama dan salin atas kertas.... Hahaha. Thank you tuan punya resipi. Selamat menonton. Dan mencuba kalau nak cuba!

Ps. Ada satu steps dimana lepas doh diletak telur, sepatutnya dia moist sikit tau. Kite buat 2 adunan, adunan kedua lebih moist lepas letak telur, dan adunan kedua tu lebih lembut berb

Kalau tak dapat play the video automatically, kindly click this link : Link link link !

Thank you for watching & selamat mencuba 😄


Throwback Travelog : Hurghada 2015!


Sedang saya menscroll scroll gambar dalam album di laptop, tetibe macam perasan ooo banyak lah jugak video yang sempat dirakam! Because we are focusing more on photos, so I thought there aren't many videos... (But recently I have big interest in videos cewah, cuma it takes more time, effort and em... battery).

So, dengan semangat yg ada, I've compiled some of them into a short 2 mins and 27 secs video! Cekidaut.

(If the video can't be played automatically, do click here : #MuadzMujahidah Travelog : Hurghada 2015 ! )

Kalau rajin nak baca dalam bentuk tulisan dan gambar, kite dah pernah post dulu dulu : Itineries ll Cairo - Zagazig - Hurghada - Cairo ll 2015

Thank you for watching and reading! Till then, xx.


Daily Diaries : My first vlog! (2 of the novels that I've enjoyed reading!)


I've been thinking for awhile to make vlog... So here I am, dengan salah satu alasan laptop cannot detect our home's wifi (and quite inconvenient to type panjang panjang using phone), hihihi.

Sorry for the not so good lighting! I thought it was okay (Initially yes, the lighting was quite okay...) , but majority of the footage lighting was.. Nahh, acceptable kan for the first timer? 😋 (Tho the lighting enhance the 'Carlo Rino' under my eye)

So... to view the vlog, do click on this clip! 😸 ( If it doesn't autoplay, do click this link : My first vlog! 😂😅 )

I'm actually excited to blog about this topic, (points on my head, didnt jot it down..) but when I do vlogging, unscripted vlogging to be precise (the script is in my head hahahahaha randomly blurt 'em out), this is the outcome and sorry if there are slurred words or unsuitable vocab or what is that grammar and intonation or anything la 😹  Anyway, thank you for watching!

Happy Ramadhan! Assalamualaikum.


Daily Diary : Adhoc Spring Cleaning!


So. Yesterday I was rearranged my study table for better air-ation (I dont know if this term exist or not). The weather sometimes gives a surpeghaiissss nak panas until 40 degrees celcius or more, so we need to get the better side of fan, hah.

And it suddenly turned 80% to study table and bookshelf 's spring cleaning. I love kemas rumah, rearrange furniture more more more than lipat baju (And in fact I think hang majority of all the bajus are a great idea actually).

Okay so back to the topic. I've always mesmerized by what I've suddenly bumped into when I cleaned my stuffs. Ol good memories --- why the why did I kept all these all this times without using it --- or why the why did I kept all these all this time fullstop.

Here are some of the treasures that I've found.

1. My favourite (Used to) notebook and stuffs terselit inside.

This pink notebook used to be my favorite because first, it's pink. Second, it has minimalist design. Third, I like the paper. And fourth, senang nak bawak pergi mana-mana. Terselit dalam buku tu ialah 2 kad yg tak digunakan lagi dan 2 helai kertas report polis trafik (my first experience buat police traffic report and hope it will be the last...).

2. Pass public transport waktu jalan Paris.

I looked young over there.

3. Bam angin dan tack it stick.

Tetibe je jumpa 2 bam. And there's the tack it which I've carik like for ages. (Oh please dont gebang) . Tapi memang cari lah sebelum ni tapi takjumpa zzz. Bila tak cari biasa la tu terjumpa pulaks.

4. Mini microphone.

I love music especially piano or keyboard sound. And I love to sing (?) Dulu ada beli mini keyboard, and it comes with this mini microphone.Comel ennn.

5. Budget book.

I cant believe I'm this meticulous once upon a time. I think this was around 2010. Tapi, tak habis muka surat pun yg digunakan.... So tak meticulous lah kan.

6. Maps and ticket.

When in Paris, you must know which line of Metro u want to ride on supaya perjalanan lebih efektif, so map seperti di atas adalah penting. And there is Palace Garnier ticket entry. Sanggup tu bayar 6 Euros sebab nak masuk Opera house yg famous dalam novel Phantom of the Opera. Luckily, inside was quite breathtaking.

Another map - UK. During me, my parents and my sister visit UK, me and my sister lebih kurang jadi co-driver jugak lah read (Or look?) at the map during the drive. And those are the brochures for me and my friends adhoc plan to stay extra day at Amsterdam and last minute plan to stay in that hotel. What a great decision we have made :D So simpan brochure sebagai kenangan. Motif....

7. Another notebook

I love to bring this notebook when travelling. Because it's convenient -- bearable size, hardcover so senang nak tulis tanpa alas and I love the papers! Plain and kind of woody like texture. Inside are few of my passport size photos that arent being used yet (Tak ingat pun ada lagi extra gambar...)

8. Gym ticket invitation.

I've got 3 gym and spa invitation cards -- get inside and used all the facilities for free. Taktahu bila tah nak guna! Nasib baik kemas bookshelf dan jumpa ni. Hahaha.

9. Another notebook and a piece of evidence once in awhile my leadership skill.

I brought this book around 2009/2010 I think. Because it's pink and have band and cute! And the mini mushroom beside it is my nametag as a captain during my batch's Battle of Immunology on 2013 I think. (I mist-ly remember how fun the battle were back then).

10. Sony Ericson's earphone.

Sony Ericson's phone are such a star during my teenage years. I remember have one of its model in pink, boleh slide (I dont know where it is now, trade in maybe). And I think It's such an epic to find this in my collections. I'm such a high sentimental value kind of person I guess. Aww~

11. Bunch of unused envelopes.

And I thought I've run out of them..... until I find theseeee. Hahaha.... Mujahidah Mujahidah.

12. A beautiful notepad.

Which I seldomly used, but have the feeling really need to buy it, back then hmm. See tebal lagi kot....

13. Photos (Sing : When we were younger.....and freeeee) .

Photos with my friends and families.

14. Fortune. Hahahaha and unused Just for you card!

This actually found not during spring cleaning tapi waktu baca old novel which my mother brought for me on 2013 I think tapi taktahu kenapa macam tak habis baca, pastu baca balik sekarang, weh best la!

At first I found RM 10 pastu bila baca baca baca baca tetibe jumpa lagi 2 ringgit! This what we called fortune (money) in fortune (book-knowledge. Is it can be consider knowledge? Oh yes, vocab!)

So yeah. Do your spring cleaning once in awhile, mana tahu jumpa precious old memory treasures ke kannn. Paling tidak pun, dengan melakukan spring cleaning, kemas sikit ruang peribadi anda , selesa dan seronok buat kerja. Cewaaah

Thanks for reading! xx
Assalamualaikum :)