My sister's bridal shower !


I dont know why but i have this perception of Architecture students are reallyyy busy. Why? 

1. Once, my mom and I planned to have family dinner with my bro, SIL, niece and my architecture-student-sister. So we waited and waited for my sister but she's not coming. Call, tak angkat. Whatsapp tak reply. Of course we are soooo worried!

Turned out she and her friend 'pengsan' kat bilik sebab penat beli barang ke ape tah lupa (Tu pun lepas I whatsapp her friend, which I contacted through instagram.....) Funny! How can she forget our dinner date? Dinner kot! Dinner mean foooood! Orang belanja! How can shes missed it! Hahahaha

OMG i still remember how delicious the tomyam are and the pulut mangga... Worth every penny.. em I mean my mom's acquaintances' money... which she strongly offered to pay for our food hihi )

2. Few days or weeks before her wedding I asked her "Nervous tak?" "Kadang2 nervous kadang2 fikir assignment" . Seriously.... lagi berapa hari till Wedding day kot?

3. I balik Terengganu lagi cepat daripada pengantin balik Terengganu. Her wedding was on 1st May and she get back home at 28th April. It was like... 2 days before or something?

So, that's my conclusion. I have a very busy bride to be (now, was. Already a bride) sister. And so, my other sister and I planned this surprise Bridal Shower, because I still remember how happy I am during my day. When my friends organized surprise bridal shower for me, the effort, the thoughts and of course the events, were very meaningful to me and one of my best memories :)

The preparation took us about 2 or 3 days before i think? I'm in charge for the decos, invitations, foods, documentations, games, surprises, em I think pretty much everything and my sister Syu, play an important part as shopping guider, food preparations etc (Because she has class, limited time but still thankful that somebody can show me around because I'm still new to places around Terengganu)

So, yeah.


1. Contact her friends, get to know siapa yg dah datang on that date. Invite them.
2. Contact her friends, minta tolong record videos, I will compiled them.
3. Record videos from my family members, bagi ucapan.
4. Record videos jawapan tunang dia, untuk games (something about tele-answer)
5. Order cake.
6. Beli bahan makanan - homemade food.
7. Self made flower crowns. Bunga terlebih besar because they have offers, so yeah. The cheapest the better--- on budget. As long as they are beautiful, right...?
8. DIY invitation card.
9. Survey kedai balloons mana yg bukak on Friday (because Friday is public holiday in Terengganu)
10.  A night before, I passed her invitation boarding pass and asked to wear blue tudung (But she wear greyish blue tudung)

On Athirah's bridal shower day:

*pause jap type ada nyamuk!!!*

*okay sambung*

4.30-6.00 pm : Venue & self preparation.

At a small corner which I think strategic.
Em.. Didn't it? :P

Bibimbap by Syu who's fangirling around a boy band and call them Oppa Oppa. Like seriously???? You are already an aunty you know? Hhaha

Red Velvet cake by HB Bakery ( Dorang cakap sedap tapi I coundnt feelingly taste much because I'm so busy takde rasa nak makan sangat. Cewah ) ( And I really like bekas tu ) ( Umi, did you read this? Ada maksud tersirat ni hahahahaha :P )

*OMG the after effect of nyamuk's bite......*

*Okay sambung* 

Egg mayo sandwich by yours truly

One of my favourite soda style drink. Soda + Lychees (It will taste much better with mint leaves but I couldnt find one....)

Bunga terlebih baja hahaha whatever I like it!

And there's me who's happy with the deco. Thanks to my siblings and Alang's friend who help me untie the balloons strings!

Around 6 pm ++ : The bride (to-be) arrived ( Baru lepas ambek kawan dia dekat terminal)

Yes the VVIP has to drive by herself. Driver package is not included in our plan. Nasib baik! Hahah

The guests and their boarding passes

And I forgot to take proof photo of boarding pass with my face. Hmphh

 Around 6pm ++ : Our event started with photography session.
(I suggest that we have early photography session) (Before the tudung and make up run off after makan muahaha)

 The bride (to-be) and her friends

The bride (to-be) and her friends from childhood. Cewah

Group photo!

Around 6.30 pm ++ : Potong cake dan makan!

I know Red Velvet is always a good idea :)

While eating, we have some surprises for her .......

Surprise video wishes from her friends! *screenshot clip*
*I'm also surprised when I received this on my email.... I expect like 4-5 videos hahaha but still enjoy watching them*

And surprise video from family!! *screenshot clip*

Focus on screen (Sorry... i didnt know why there is poor evidence of editing left on this photo hahaha but I love this photo because everybody seems so focused)

Around 6.45++ : We have game session!

So the rules are:

1. We have 9 questions.
2. The answer by her fiancee has already pre-recorded days before.
3. She needs to get the questions right!
4. If she get 2-3 questions wrong, she will be showered by water hose by herself.
5. If she get 4-5 questions wrong, she will showered herself with sebaldi air.
6. If she get 6 and more wrong answers, she and her friends will be showered by water hose!
7. But if she get 0-1 questions wrong, me and my sisters will be showered by water hose.


Tele or not


Lepas markah terkumpul, guess who will be showered?
The VVIP! Yahoooo (Of course really hoping not rules number 7!)




Part of the questions. *Hahaha i misspelled guess over there, pardon me*

Fengfeeling snow in Malaysia (with the smell of soap) (by spray) 

Around 7pm ++, event habisss. I really hope my sisters, her friends, enjoyed the day as much as I enjoyed making the preparations and may it be one of the best memories for my sister. Em.. I wanna type more tendency-for-emotional-sentences but this nyamuk's bites are sooooo distracting hahaha!

Thanks for reading! Assalamualaikum.

Thanks photo/videographer tak berbayar :P All the best SPM and happy belated birthday!


Long distance flight - Things inside my hand luggage.


Makin besar ni makin mempunyai kesedaran , apa yg perlu bawak dalam hand luggage untuk long distance flight. Dan makin besar makin:

1. Gemar bawak sikit je dalam hand luggage.
- Untuk memudahkan especially bila transit, takpayah bawak berat ke hulu ke mari (sebab transit kena lepas security check jugak, kadang2 ada yg strict sangat).

2. Penting! Malas nak berebut overhead compartment!
- Sebab biasanya kalau nak dapat tempat simpan barang dekat dengan kite, kena masuk awal (Unless flight tak berapa nak penuh).

So.... cadangan hand luggage yg saya gemar ialah:

1. Handbag
2. Bag galas belakang macam bag sekolah atau bag laptop yg tak besar sangat.

Kedua-dua bag ni boleh diletak bawah tempat duduk depan, so tak payah nak letak barang dekat overhead compartment :D Tapi kalau barang banyak sangat, atau bag check in terlebih limit berat yg ditetapkan, hand luggage roda tu boleh di consider :)

Items yg boleh diconsider untuk di bawa dalam hand luggage:

1. Document penting – Passport, boarding pass, extra foreign cash (Untuk emergency, dan beli coffee just in caseee hihi) & benda2 lain dalam purse/wallet.

Document penting adalah sangat penting, digalakkan check almost every movement macam lepas masuk flight, lepas keluar flight, lepas keluar toilet etc, sebab nama pun document penting kan. Pernah terjadi kat kawan kite, boarding pass tercicir lepas keluar toilet. Nasib baik worker jujur, letak dekat information counter ke counter ape tah.

Obviously foreign money tu contoh je

2. Toiletries or mini make up bag .

Untuk few things, especially waktu transit & arrival.

Take note usually dekat security check allowed dalam 1 litre je cecair dan kena letak dalam seal packed, tapi boleh check dulu requirements kat airport tu, some security check are really strict.

3. Simple skin care.

Untuk avoid dry or oily skin --- for comfortableness.

- Oil absorbant ( Tapi tak terbawak, sebab dah masuk dalam luggage, malas nak repack balik…..)
- Moisturizer.
- Face mist.
- Facial wash (Untuk rasa segar dan bersih walaupun tak mandi. Yela takkan nak mandi dalam flight kan?) --- boleh guna waktu transit / arrival.
- Berus gigi (& toothpaste tapi sesetengah airline provide)
- Tissue / wet tissue
- Lotion untuk sesiapa yg have dry skin but I usually didn’t need one sebab hyperhydrosis on palm and soles. Hahaha

4. Basic make up.

Tapi kadang-kadang tak perlu beriya sangat. Just essential untuk tak nampak pucat dan em... baru bangun tidur (?) :P

- Recent favourite lipstick / lipcream / lipbalm. I really love this berry delicious liquid lip ni! (InsyaAllah will do review about 'em).
- Eyeliner.
- Compact powder (Tapi jarang guna pun, but just in case).

5. Extra socks & Handsock.

Takleh nak confident sock wangi sangat lelagi journey yg esok hari sampai k hahaha. Dan handsock penting lagi-lagi untuk solat (avoid kes lengan baju terselak)


6. Phone.

- Penting untuk tangkap gambar bila bosan dan hantar selfie dekat husband atau family. Muehehehe

7. Laptop & Power bank.

- Laptop ni optional. Sangat useful dalam long hours transit kalau taknak tidur je. Boleh tengok cerita sementara transit, boleh buat draft untuk blog macam saya tengah buat ketika ini.

8. Chocolate.

- Kadang2 datang airport awal sangat, so boleh buat alas perut (Pastu chocolate cair dalam bag………)
- Atau just for killing time, hobi makan. Haha

9. Novel & Earphone.

- Novel memainkan peranan penting lelagi kalau tengah menunggu, contoh dalam boarding room ke sementara transit ke dalam flight sementara tunggu flight take off ke (Happen to me recently bila flight delay tapi dah dalam flight, phone dah off sebab ready bila-bila masa je untuk take off, in flight entertainment tak available lagi, soo novel sangat menjadi bestfriend waktu tu).

10. Planner/notebook & Pen.

- Planner ialah optional sebab sekarang kan zaman smart phone, setengah orang suka record everything dalam phone.
- Tapi pen sangat penting! Sebatang pen yg berdakwat pun jadi lah, especially untuk tulis dekat arrival card yg akan diserahkan dekat immegresion counter.

Bonus : Pakaian!

Waktu awal-awal travel dulu, rasanya benda yg paling diawalkan ialah “Baju apaaa nak pakaaaaai” kengkonon airport fashion. Padahal bukan ada orang kisah sangat pun hahaha ingat engko kpop artis? Kakaka

Cedih ke ittew nawk bawlik, cenyum lah ciket :P

Tapi bila dah meningkat dewasa ni cewahhh, saya suka yg selesa untuk perjalanan jauh. Tak panas. Tak bila tarik bag dia pun terseret bawah roda. Nak ambil wudhuk senang. Dan senang nak pakai earphone atau headphone. Tak senang kedut. Perjalanan jauh kot, antara selesa dan fashion. Mesti lah selesa lagi penting. Selesa+fashion itu bonus!

Okay sekian untuk entry kali ni! Thanks for reading! Assalamualaikum :D