Make up products that I used for my special day -xoxo-


So... I've been requested  to do make up tutorial, especially the concept that I've applied during my wedding day. But thing is, I cannot do those tutorials because of several reasons, which are....

1. I'm too lazy to edit video.
2. I dont know how to do it actually. Hahahaha
3. I'm just a super super super amateur who i-dont-know-where-I-get-the-confidence to make up myself.
4. Biggest reason is my husband looks like 80% more to : No make up tutorial with yourself in it. Hahaha soooo.

But I'm soo excited to share the make up products that I've used during my wedding day. So eventhough there is no tutorial video, I hope this still will helps a lot kayh! Anyway, if you still insisted to watch tutorial's video, here are the youtube links which I referred to a lot. Hehehe :

1. Easy & Natural Prom Makeup Tutorial by Katerina Beauty Blog (My favourite make up guru so far!)
2. Natural Beauty Wedding Look by Michelle Phan (Always love how she edit her videos!)
3. Contouring Tutorial for Heart Shaped Faces by Smashbox Cosmetics - Sephora (But you actually need to know your face shape first for contouring!)
4. How To Figure Out Your Eye Shape by Smashbox - Sephora (Important for eye make up)
5. And a lot more videos that you can simply search on youtube according to your preference :D --- Hmm not really helping huh muja? Kata linkkk.

First of all, i like sweet and natural make up, i mean not too heavy. As for me, make up is for enhance the beauty. Imean, everybody is beauty as themselves, right. So, make up is too cover any flaws like scars due to pimples or anything, tired eyes, to look fresher, to boost up our confidence, things like that.

Okay enough of bebelan. Let's get started. Oh by the way, below are the make up products that I used for my reception. Sebenarnya tak ingat betul-betul steps or the colours that I used, tapi ni lebih kurang lah. Hehehe.

1. Prep.

I'm using Clean&Clear Oil Control Film. I think this is the limited edition one and it has great smell. And colour :P This is essential for absorb excess oil on face.

Moisturiser. The one that I used is from Nano White. After apply moisturiser, leave it for seconds to a minute. Dont apply make up when it still wet okay!

And.... brushes.

2. Face.

First, Primer. This is Stay Flawless primer by Benefit. I got this free when I brought their foundation, hikhik.

Next, to cover up visible pores, saya sapukan sikit Beauty Shot Face Blur by Etude House, tak perlu guna berus, guna jari jemari jeww. Letakkan dekat bahagian pores nampak dengan jelas, bukan satu muka sebab BSFB ni dia cam bagi putih and dewy sikit, so taknak la nampak capuk sangat en.

And actually I applied this later, but I think this step should be before we apply foundation, so I put this step here.

 I applied this colour correcting concealer by Nyx. The colour that I used were Green : For redness like ex-acne redness and peach for lingkaran gelap bawah mata. And also normal colour conceler which is light brown. I didnt remember the function of other colours.... sorry....

Next is, foundation.

The one that I used for my solemnization was Nars. But actually the seller post me different shades than I request, but it's okay. Pemilihan warna foundation yg betul sangat penting okay btw :) 

And the one that I used on my reception was Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow by Benefit in code colour Champagne I guess. I pick a colour lighter than my face colour to match my hand.

I'm using beauty blender or something like spongy sponge to blend it well (Forgot to take photo, sorry!)

Next using fingers, I applied Nars creamer concealor under my eyes, in triangular shape in which apex is directed towards the cheeks. This creamer concealer also useful to conceal around the brows, but do not put too much as it may look... weird ?

And Etude House Stick Concealer to cover up other imperfections like acne scars etc. And useful to conceal around the mouth.

Next, by using a blending brush, I set the concealer by Make Up For Ever Loose Powder.

3. Eyes.

Honestly, I really love this Styling Pencil Eyeliner in Brown by Etude House, even in my daily used!

Using that pencil liner, I enhance my brow shape outline starting from the center which is around 2/3rd from the back of the brows, backward. Maksudnya macam enhance dari tengah ke belakang.

And then by using Naked By Urban Decay Eyeshadow Pallette, I'm filling between the outline's gap.

I didn't remember well in which colour that I used, but I think antara colour smog or darkhorse untuk 2.5/3rd from backward and the rest (kat tengah-tengah, eyebrow yg dekat dengan hidung tu) in half baked.

And then I applied eye primer from Urban Decay in which also i got free during purchase the eyeshadow pallette.

Using blending brush, I applied this Peach blusher I think... by Kate as the eyeshadow. Just because I love the texture and colour.... Haha sorry...

I applied it on almost 2/3rd of the upper eyelid to the base of brow bone.

And then, I applied half baked at the center to outer half of my upper eyelid. I think I've putted some maroon or reddish eye shadow colour by maybelline on the crease of my eyelid to give deeper definition but again... sorry takdo gambaaar.

And then, virgin/sin to the inner corner of the eye to brighten up the eye a lil bit.

(The white love stickers are the additional colour that i used for my solemnization look i think)

And then, using Catrice Eyeliner, I line the upper eyelid, a little thicker at the outside than the inside , make a small wing and fill in the gap to make it to look longer. Then, using the marker like pen liner by Etude House, touch up touch up sikit.

And again, take out this pallette using smog colour, apply a little bit on outer lower lid. At the inner side i think i've put some pinkish shadow by maybelline or using smog code too (can't recall...).

And then line lower eyelid by Pencil Liner. Slightly thicker at the outside than the inside.

Take out lashes curler, applied it and put on some mascara. For my reception, I'm using a little bit of Maybelline and Nyx mascara and then Dr Mascara Fixer by Etude House as brow mascara (Because it is colourless hehe)

While for my solemnization, I'm just using Dr Mascara Fixer by Etude House as the mascara.

4. Face skin again and Cheeks.

To brighten up the complexion to match (or a lil bit lighter) my hand's colour, I'm using Geisha Shincha Matcha Green Tea Compact Powder by Cathy Doll. It has really nice Green Tea smell. I applied it on area like center of forehead, pipi oleskan sikiiit je.

Pastu, I guna contour (small round pallete) by Nyx untuk darker tone of the contour. Pastu blend it with lighter brown colour untuk contour guna V-line Slim Maker by Etude House. Blend blend blend

Actually I didnt remember either I'm using this or not. Dia ada 2 in 1 function. Bahagian bawah mcm creamer sikit, I think something for base or something, tp on my rajin day, usually on daily used I used it as highlighter. Dekat bahagianatas penutup tu mcm blusher yg dewy dewy sikit.

Next, I put on some blusher.

For solemnization, I used that pinkish blusher tapi tak ingat nama by Etude House.

For reception, I used that orange-ish-liquid-like blusher tak ingat nama lagi, by Cathy Dolls. 

Pehtu alter-alter sikit benda yg patut. Put on a little bit Loose Powder using Powder brush ke apa ke. Tone up highlighter ke. Hehe.

5. Lip.

Conceal around mouth sikit guna stick concealer (Opional actually to cover darker part).

Pastu I apply a little bit lip primer. I'm using one from Too Faced.

And then put on some colour on them! My favourite is Nyx lipcream Istanbul Code. I'm using it for both reception and solemnization!

I'm using that Maybelline Velvet Matte code colour tak ingat hahahaha waktu awal-awal majlis resepsi.

And Elianto in code M02 for after majlis punya indoor photoshoot (and my daily basis time tengah rajin!).

Pastu touch up touch up sikit. Highlight mana yg patut.

5. Set.

And then, bila rasa dah okay, I sprayed on some Face Conditioning Fixer by Etude House.

6. Cleanser.

Bila nak cuci make up, jangan lupa guna make up remover okay!

Okay that's all for now I guess. Walaupun takde video tutorial, harap-harap dapat membantu bagi idea on the products that may be used okayy. I'm gonna make a little bit review on some of the products listed above insyaAllah. Kalau nak review on any products, tell me ehh.

Oh and for my daily make up used, actually a little bit different from this routine. And actually actually I jarang make up, bila rajin jeee hihihi.

Till then, Salam!