DIY Paperbag Album!


Gonna be quick upate! Dah lamaaa sebenarnya teringin nak buat DIY Paperbag Album! Terjumpa tutorial untuk buat DIY Paperbag Album ni dalam Youtube.

Kebetulan ada lebihan paperbag untuk doorgift walimah haritu, so daripada dok jeling-jeling ku bertentang je paperbag tu dalam basket tak buat pape, maka terhasil lah ini. Taraaaa!

Muja's kind of DIY Paperbag Album xoxo

So.... untuk sesiapa yg teringin nak mengisi masa lapang atau taknak membazir lebihan paperbags mcm tu je, bolehla try buat DIY Paperbag Album ni!

First of all, untuk steps assemble paperbag ni menjadi sebuah album, saya suggest untuk tengok tutorial dekat Youtube sebab nampak visual bergerak kan, so mungkin senang sikit faham daripada visual gambar statik je. Boleh search youtube : Paperbag Album. Saya tengok yg ni (klik untuk view).

Tp cara saya lipat paperbag ni lain sikit sebab base dia lain daripada paperbags those tutorials :) (Akan ditunjukkan kejap lagi).

Bahan-bahan pulak, sebenarnya ikut cita rasa sendiri nak buat style macam mana, hiasan macam mana, but here's mine. Mungkin boleh bagi idea sikit-sikit :D

1. Watak utama mestilah paperbags kan.

Ikut banyak berapa helai yg awak nak. Minima 4 helai. 4 helai biasanya boleh buat dalam 4 muka surat. 


2. Mini Book Kit.

Saya suka mini book kit ni sebab dia banyak hiasan yg senang tampal terus :D

Mini Book Kit.

3. Ribbon / Lacey Ribbon.

Untuk hiasannnn. Tak perlu banyak-banyak pun takpe.


4. Super Glitter Corrugated Paper

I just loveee this one because its glittering! Tapi kena guna gam kuat untuk tampal hiasan on it. Maybe awak boleh gunakan coloured paper or a book full with wallpapers (yg jenis strap off je tu).

Super Glitter Corrugated Paper.

5. Lacey Tape.

Another one of my favouriteeeee. I just love them sebab cantik, strong glue, glitter andddd laceyyy!

Lacey Tape.

6. Polka Dot Colourful Tape.

It have varieties of cheerful and sweet colour and give great ambience and mood for the book :D

Polka Dot Colourful Tape.

7. Some sticker, tali.

Saya prefer sticker yg timbul-timbul dan tak banyak warna macam ni!

Sticker, Tali.

8. Gunting, puncher dan glue!

Preferably sediakan jugak strong glue :)

Glue, gunting & Puncher.

Disebabkan paperbag ni base dia lain, so lipatan hanya perlu lipat dua dekat bahagian bawah paperbag yg digam tu.

Bahagian ni,

Dilipat macam ni jeee.

Lepastu boleh tengok video (contoh video ni) tentang mcm mana untuk lekatkan paperbags ni, yg akan jadi macam ini :


Okay, sooo bila paperbags dah assemble, dah boleh start hias-hias-hias! Dekat bawah ni, paperbag album saya yg dah siap dihias. Dibuat dalam lebih kurang 3-4 jam cenggitu. KOT.

Front Pageeee.

First and Second Page.

Third and Fourth Page.

Fifth and Six Page.

Seven and Eighth Page.

Back Page.

Antara page ada poket. Boleh letak notes, resit, note book, cards or apa-apa lah!


Penanda Buku dalam poket buku.

Boleh tampal gambar ke, notes ke apa-apa ke dalam tu, or just buat hiasan dan isi masa lapang :D Siapa yg nak cuba, selamat mencuba! Till then, take care!

Thanks for reading. Assalamualaikum :D


Experience - International purchase make up online! and tiny vanity table arrangement.


So... if you know me on instagram, yes yes, I'm back in Malaysia for few months insyaAllah, enjoying my summer-winter (idk which one haha) break holiday! Fresh feeling, fresh view with my beloved one. So far, the best holiday activity achievement are *dugudang dugudang dugudang drumrolls*...... rearrange my room furnitures, tide up my room and place all the wedding gifts in a more systematic arrangement! (I have a really big interest in interior design!  Tho I'm not sure I'm good in it or not. Har har).

That's that. Enough muqaddimah. Let's move on to the main topic. As usual, been days or weeks since I wanna post this. I have a lot of stories to share. Sometime hahah. My experience as an international make up online shopper!

This was actually my 2nd time international online shopping and it was pretty much fun and fine. Walaupun kadang2 nervous jugak.

So..... first of all, why bother take risk international online shopping? Why not just barge into cosmetic shops outlet and try tester and erase, try and erase, try and erase sampai pedih sebab asyik padam guna tissue rambang mata banyak sangat tengok make up mcm I sampai taktahu nak pilih yg mana dah! Here's my reason.

1. Distance. Most of the time, during my purchase, I'm far from those outlets. So, yeah.
2. Need 'em quiet urgent once I'm back to Malaysia. Not enough time to go to outlet and try one by one....
3. Number 1&2, can buy through local online shopper, so why still. Saje nak try experience. Hehe.
4. And there are varieties of make up on the brand's website. Direct daripada brand's website kot?
5. Sometime there are items that wayy cheaper if buy direct from Website. But I'm not sure the total if adding up the postage fees. You may do the calculation hihi.
6. Bukan preorder, either in stock or out of stock. Menunggu pun tahu status purchase direct daripada website, bukan orang tengah. And probability order benda lain dapat benda lain sebab out of stock, sangat rendah.

So, above are my reasons. But actually all and all, it's for the excitement itself. Sekali sekala. Hehe. Tp kena buat research lah either the product is good for you, up to your preferences etc etc. Tp tak bermaksud, I lagi prefer shopping online make up okkayyy. Mesti la lagi prefer shopping direct dekat outlet, except for above reasons. Let's move on to the details.

1. Search website and go through their international shipping informations.

Some brands used middle company for postage. Okay apetu? For example, recently, i purchased items from NYX and Etude House.

For Etude House, the purchase & postage process are direct from the company itself.
Etude House (Korea) - Malaysia - My House (kena bayar extra upon parcels arrived to destination - GST rasanya).

For NYX, the purchase & postage process are a little bit different.
NYX - myus (must sign up and pay registration fees - will got address, the items will send to this address) - Malaysia - My House.
So, need 2 times for postage fees, if I'm not mistaken.

2. Payment process & email.

Through paypall etc. Make sure you have active email address untuk company tu hantar details of purchased.

3. How long will you wait.

So far, my purchases arrived in a not so long period after payment has been processed. A month or less, i guess. Or maybe sebulan lebih sikit. Lebih kurang.

4. Parcels.

These are how my parcels looks like. In box and have something cushioning inside for impact resistant like bubble wrap, paper etc. And purchase invoice.

Nyx. The box are big in comparison to the items inside. But it's good, for item's safety.

Etude House. Box is bigger than items, too. My 2nd purchase of Etude House's items online. Really love the boxesss. Cute!

This is what I'm talking about before regarding cushioning cushioning tu. Nyx.

Etude House.

5. Check the items.

So... mestilah excited kan barang pembelian dah sampai! Jangan lupa check the items condition! But haven't try them yet. Should I make review? Hahaha

Beauty Shot Face Blur and my beauty tool eyebrow drawing guide from Etude House.

Colour corrector, contour, mascara and lipcream from nyx.

6. Arrange 'em (mystyle) on (my) tiny vanity table.

Not just for make ups, but also for sikat, nail clipper, brooch case, watch (and lot of other things) Make up organizer really help me in minimize the space and the fairylight reallyy brighten up the table mood. *which is the props for photo purpose lol* *I actually put them around the mirror in my previous room decorations, but this time not kiki :P* .

My fairylight from : Ig : @ariffscottage 

Body butter (which abah belanja when I'm 20 y/o kot waktu tu sampai sekarang tak habis sebab jarang pakai tp bau dia delicious sangatttt) and those travel pinkish packages (wedding present from my girlfriend and her husband) and those in green bottles (birthday present from beloved housemates) on another one small tiny table. (The size can be see in previous picture - mirror reflect).

I'm not the type that wearing make up every single day. Jarang lah jugak sebenarnya lagi2 hari ada kuliah. So far I'm wearing them once in awhile, if there is event, or holidays, or casually when I'm in mood to do so.

To wear make up or not actually up to the person's preference. I mean, for example, not everybody have the same inferiority complex as we are. Maybe by wearing make up is one of the way to overcome those complexes and will boost up their confidence and consequently high up their everyday's productivity. Yg penting kena bersederhana and tak buat apa yg agama larang lah. Kan? And those who chose not to wear to, bukan dorang malas ke apa sebenarnya rasanya, that's their choose to let their skin breath without unnatural layers, and maybe they are more confident without any make up on. Try to be positive with other person preferences okay. Takpayah nak condemn condemn satu sama lain benda small matters mcm ni okayyy *baca kat twider*.

Okay lah, I think that's all for today's entry. I hope it will be helpful to some of you. Any qustions mcm biasa, leave a comment below, or email me, or can contact me through my twitter or instagram. Btw, there are some that asked me regarding my amateur-wedding-makeup-routine-on-myself. Should I make a post on that topic ke eh. Hahaha. Okay lah till then, take care!



Wedding preparation checklist !


So............... akhirnya post jugak topik ni! Dah lamaaa sebenarnya nak post tapi tapi tapi busy sikit kengkonon. Tanpa muqaddimah yg panjang lebar, let's cekidaut!

First of all, preparation dibuat dalam lebih kurang 5 months (more or less) dan yg specialnya *special ke?* *ok ok bagi diri sendiri special la kengkonon* , preparation ni part of it disettlekan dari jarak jauh (EG - MAS). Yelah padahal boleh je mintak tolong orang settlekan, tp rasa kurang selesa dan kepuasan preparation tu dapat rasa jugak!

Oh and i didn't do it monthly style, sebab jarak jauh kan dan rancangan mesti la berubah2 ikut kebusy-an yg tak tentu cecehhh. So, untuk lagi proper bolehla buat ikut month, tp style saya apa boleh settle asap, settlekan dulu. Maybe post ni boleh bagi pencerahan sikit-sikit what to prepare, lepastu boleh susun schedule youalls accordingly! :D

1. Persediaan beberapa bulan sebelum sehingga lah "Aku terima nikahnya".

- Persediaan sedar tanggungjawab seorang isteri.
- Persediaan untuk tukar 1st priority daripada parents kepada suami.
- Persediaan untuk bahagikan masa.
- Persediaan tanggungjawab kite bertambah. Maksudnya, memang walaupun kite dah kahwin, tanggungjawab dekat suami tu sangat2 penting, tp tanggungjawab dengan ibu bapa, housemates, groupmates bukan bermaksud dah takyah peduli.
- Persediaan nak nangis homesick first few days.... ke week?

2. Setting tarikh, tempat, tentatif dan anggaran tetamu.

Sebab saya ni high sentimental value sikit, cecehh so saya memang sangat sangat prefer buat dekat rumah. Majlis tunang dekat rumah kesayangan yg lama. Majlis nikah dekat rumah kesayangan yg baru. Dulu-dulu my mom & I had the idea of better to do at dewan, catering apa semua, tp nasib baik umi pun menyetujui sekarang. Home sweeet home.

Untuk tentatif, asalnya simple2 je, tapi disebabkan ada request dari orang kampung untuk berarak (dari rumah tokki kat sebelah je, nasib baikk hahaha), ada persembahan sikit-sikit, so kitorang pun okay je. Meraikan idea orang kan :D

Catrumputwalk ke tuwww

3. Prepare proper documentation.

And.... this is how i did it. Hahaha you may add in or opt out any parts that you thing "Ekeleeh apa ni?". Saya sediakan satu file yg berbunga merah jambu seperti ini. Taraaaa

This is my 2nd files of the same design same colour. Gigih beli sebab nak ring file! Beli dekat Daiso.

 Inside of the file. 

Just punch and put the card there. Belakang tu ada envelope berisi kad, sebab taknak punch kad tu, kite punch kertas tampal dekat envelope. Hahaha

Handwritten letter untuk 'petugas-petugas' hari tersebut. Waktu ni rasa, must do something untuk appreciate their willingness to come and help me. Yelah nak belanja lipstick kaching kaching pulak

Floorplan venue.


Bajet keluar keluar keluar keluar keluar keluar sekali sekala je masuk

To-do-list. Roughly and some to do list when I'm in Egypt and when I'm back home sekejap and when I'm back home for the w-day.

First checklist Items.

Double Check list items sekali dengan sape yg tolong uruskan on W-day.

Others. Like surat cinta. Drama. Surat2 rasmi.

4. Bila dah ada tarikh, venue, proper documentation baru lah nampak sikit-sikit mana yg boleh urus dulu, mana yg mintak parents or family or kawan2 tolong uruskan.

Basically, saya bahagikan kepada 3 kategori :
- Perkara yg kena settlekan jarak dekat : No. 5 - 3. (Biasanya Umi Abah / family tolong uruskan. Atau saya balik Malaysia sekejap).
- Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh & dekat : No. 8 - 11. (Uruskan sendiri + Parents / Family /  Kawan-kawan tolong jugak)
- Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh : No. 12 - 14. (Uruskan sendiri -  Kena ready online banking)

Perkara yg kena settlekan jarak dekat

5. Perkara yg kena settlekan jarak dekat #01 : Dokumen-dokumen rasmi (Untuk pihak perempuan). 

 i) HIV Test. HIV Test ni mengikut apa yg my husband tahu (tolong call kan org tu), dia terima yg hospital dalam Malaysia je...... dan result HIV test ni valid untuk berapa bulan je tah. Tapi penting untuk submit dengan borang nikah pengantin perempuan tu. So... sometime before the W-day, I balik sekejap untuk settlekan apa yg patut contohnya HIV Test ni. Jangan lupa buat research klinik mana yg ada buat HIV test ni, masa, hari apa dan kena buat appointment ke tak.
ii) Borang Kebenaran Nikah yg pengantin lelaki dah isi siap dan dah dapat kebenaran apa semua (my husband orang KL tp nak nikah dekat Terengganu. You can google regarding this matter)
iii) Borang Nikah perempuan. Oh ha, borang nikah ni pun ada maximum time bila boleh ambil dan paling lambat bila kena submit.
iv) IC wali copy
v) IC pengantin perempuan copy
vi) IC 2 orang saksi copy
vii) Sijil Kursus Kahwin Original & Copy

Dah settlekan documents ni, jangan lupa untuk uruskan tentang jurunikah jugak ye. Thanks abah umi, pakcik dan tok sedara tolong settlekan bahagian ni :D

Pengantin perempuan pun kena baca & sign documents tau. Ready :)

6. Perkara yg kena settlekan jarak dekat #02 : Venue, DJ, Persembahan.

- Khemah : Berapa banyak untuk tetamu, VIP dan pengantin. Decide warna apa untuk skirting yg match dengan tema warna.

- Kerusi meja : Standard or chiviary. Meja bulat ke meja panjang. Biasanya ni sekali dengan khemah.
- Meja makan pengantin --- Request katering tolong buatkan.
- Table centerpiece --- Optional.
- Penanda arah
- Marking eg. Parking Tetamu, Parking Keluarga.
- Bunting : package with invitation card.

7. Perkara yg kena settlekan jarak dekat #03 : Makanan.

- Breakfast untuk keluarga pengantin lelaki.
- Menu tetamu.
- Air mineral jangan lupa.
- Menu meja pengantin.
- Menu tambahan --- Pengantin taksempat rasa semua....... haha sy & husband taktahu lah kenapa, ada je selera macam biasa, makanan sedap koooot. Idea : Cendol, Char Kuey Tiaw, Ice Cream. Things that people love to eat!

Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh & dekat

8. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh & dekat #01 : Outfit.

Decide nak beli siap or nak tempah. Saya : sepasang tempah sepasang beli siap --- kakak ipar tolong belikan sebab last minute (less than a week!) decide nak pakai 2 persalinan sebab husband pakai 2 persalinan, Hahaha
- Baju kurung beli siap.
- Kain : Kain satin biasa from Jakel.
- Lace or beads : Pun from Jakel.
- Hantar tailor (Dress nikah).
- Tudung : Online! Mine material satin from ig: @tudungruffle .
- Veil : 1 pinjam kawan. 1 yg attached with sikat (tp cover dengan tiara) beli online, ig: @pavorika . Tapi beli awal-awal sikit sebab preorder.
- Kasut : Pun Online! Please make sure selain nak cantik, awak pun selesa.
- Tiara.
- Handbouquet : Dapat sekali dengan tempah pelamin.
- Inai : Guna Inai picit adik + Inai serbuk umi.

9. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh & dekat #02 : Makeup.

Disebabkan bakal husband (kini : suami tercinta) dan umi request light, natural make up, so I decide untuk make up sendiri. Makanya, gigihlah google tutorial make up and all. Some make up sy beli online macam nyx in amsterdam colour, etude house face conditioning fixer, etude house lovely cookie blusher, etc. And some other make up saya beli dekat outlet, contoh Sephora. And don't forget to practice (kalau make up sendiri), tp kalau ada mua yg berkenan, boleh skip part ni, just book tarikh je :D

Self-makeup , Lighting & Camera effect!

10. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh & dekat #03 : Doorgifts.

- Doorgift tetamu : Online book , but self pick up. Thanks along & kakak ipar!
- Doorgift VIP.
- Kid's doorgift.
- Telur rebus.
- Wrapping doorgift.
- Bunga Telur.

11. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh & dekat #04 : Hantaran.

- Untuk barang takyah lah di listkan kot. Heheh. Jangan lupa dapat persetujuan berapa balas berapa etc etc. Some items dibeli online, some items dibeli offline.
- Deco hantaran : Offline. Carik idea. Beli barang (Kitorang guna fresh flower) dan gubahkan ikut kepakaran (umi & alang). Sebab guna fresh flower, so deco hantaran memang buat last minute sampai pukul berapa pagi tah. Thank you! Some of the hantaran's photos:

Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh

12. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh #01 : Pelamin, Deco, Guestbook Table & Invitation card.

- Pelamin : ni untuk kitorang, tempat untuk jadi background & kawasan official untuk tangkap gambar, gituuu. So, kena sedia lah untuk soalan "kenapa tak bersanding?". Kalau takde jawapan, hehe hehe hehe dan senyum ajooo. Takyah nak bertikam lidah ke apa, wedding is a happy thingggg, girl.

I found my favourite up to my style wedding dais from ig: @nadiadarinawedding .
Just inform them your idea of pelamin. Kalau ada gambar2 sample boleh juga send. Jangan lupa sebelum book tengok dia punya past deco, kena tak dengan stail awak. Review from past customers, okayy.

- Deco : Sewa stage hantaran & alas nikah bulat daripada ig : @intrendcouture . Kebetulan kedai dekat dengan kedai pakcik.

- Untuk guestbook table, DIY. Pinjam meja putih bilik adik, alas dengan sequin cloths, letakkan varieties of coloured pens, letak vase of favourite flower and guestbook! Guestbook: online. Ig: @Creativebylynda

- Invitation card : Ig: @Purdybymisschqa

13. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh #02 : Bridesmaids & Pengapit.

Bridesmaids ni bukanlah kawan-kawan yg teristimewa je. Almost semua kawan istimewa kot. Ceceh. As for me, sy pilih closest friends in every level of my schoolyear & foundation. Jadi, minta maaf sangat2 kalau ada yg terasa. Huwaaaa. Eh tp harapnya takde hekhekhek.

- Inform: Thru text. Hm yelah sebab masing2 jauh kan.
- Dress: Online ! Ig: @ariffscottage . Pesan sesiap jangan lupa pakai handsock and sock!
- Flowercrown : Hadiah untuk bridesmaids & pengapit : Online! Ig: @attrahera
- Tudung : Online.

 14. Perkara yg boleh settlekan jarak jauh #03 : Capture the moments!

- Photographer : Punnn survey online. Alhamdulillah gambar cantikkk,servis pun bagus, takde berkira masa khidmat dan berapa banyak shots dan berapa orang photographer. Ig: @Spelo89

- Videographer : Alhamdulillah rezeki, kawan husband ada yg berbakat buat video ni. Walaupun first time shot and edit video kahwin, but we all puas hati sangat! Youtube : gxproduction

15. Knock! Knock! Bonus! : Idea for photos.

Actually, kena planning nak ambek gambar dengan sape, style apa, especially family. Tapi tu lah plan plan, on that day, mengejar tentatif dan family pun busy kan, kadang2 tak sempat nak bergambar dengan semua... so, plan well and make sure, bukan kite je tahu plan tu!

Family's photo

Family's photo

Pengapit & Flowergirl's photo

Some random funny photo

Bridesmaid's group selca

Bridesmaid's photo

Curtain and me awkward pose

Candid pastu tak candid photo

Tengah lari tiba-tiba call masuk photo

XOXO photo

16. Knockkkk! Extra Bonus! : What to do when you nervous!

As for me, my weird way to control my nervousandexcitedness were, either talking or be quiet. Tapi haritu hilang nervous dengan cakap cakap cakap cakap cakap senyum cakap cakap cakap, sampai lah kena tegur dengan umi tersayang hahaha! *tu pun cakap lagi, sikit-sikit. Hm haha*

Tapi if you can control your nervousness by look at the carpet, better i think. Hahah!


Cakap. Kot

And bajet ghetis jap hahahaha

17. Pembahagian tugas yg maybe boleh diconsider.

- Pengurus - Waktu majlis kan mesti pengantin dan ibu bapa pengantin busy kan, so yg ni lah yg macam tolong make sure ada orang dekat tempat tugas dia etc etc.
- Welcomer - Penyambut tetamu.
- Usher - Penanda arah & tolong bagitahu kawasan kalau ada tetamu takjumpa jalan.
- Doorgift-er - Bagi doorgift.
- Makanan & Kebersihan - Make sure makanan ada & kebersihan terjaga.
- Persiapan Tempat - Ready kan tempat before majlis & during majlis in case ada benda yg perlu segera.
- Photography - Angle, pose, jenis gambar, dengan siapa etc etc.


So.... hope that this will be a lil bit of help to some of you who's in planning for your big day anytime soon, especially long distance planning! Eventhough we are a bit far away from our homeland and the date day by day come closer and closer, tak semestinya tak boleh urus sikit-sikit kan :D Anyway, any questions or pape nak share boleh tanya on comment section below or my email (address dekat sidebar sebelah ni)

Beginning of our new wonderful chapter insyaAllah.
1st August 2015.

Till then, Thanks for reading! Take care! Assalamualaikum wbt.