Life as a student - Syawal in Egypt


I dont know, either I'm celebrating Ramadhan during kuliah's period or is it really, I feel it past too fast, kawan-kawan pun cakap macam tu. Rindu pulak. Semoga kita semua diberi peluang untuk bertemu Ramadhan lagi. Amiiin.

Back to the topic. Yeah. I think if you guys friend with me in Facebook or follow me on instagram, I might make a little big fuss about this raya di perantauan TSK TSK thingy. Well, please pardon me as this is my first time I've celebrated Eid Fitri away from my family :( (I couldn't believe the day has come when I've always got the question of balik lagi? Pfft.) In fact, my little brother is wayyy senior than me sambut Syawal dekat perantauan ni. Yo sunbae!

View of preparation for solat sunat hari raya - masjid dekat dengan rumah

It's quite hard on the night of 1st Syawal I think. When we takbir raya together. Out of sudden I've heard my friend's voice sounds like quite cracking. So I thought maybe she's sooo into emotion ala-ala nak menangis (tho actually she's not) but what to do, I've already into the mood. Belayar-layar lah engkau duhai emosi. Kengkonon hati nak jadi ala-ala tisu muka, tetibe ter-jadi tisu toilet.

1st Syawal. I didn't have time to sedih-sedih pagi tu sebab nak kejar masa nak pergi solat raya. Subh around 4 am, and then prepared for solat raya around 4.20 am. 4.45 am gerak pergi masjid dengan rombongan kengkawan (Because we never go to this masjid before, so a guide is a must!) Solat raya start around 5.30 am.

Around 4.50 am. While waiting for another geng to solat raya at Msjid Azhar Zagazig

My first experience solat eid fitri dekat Egypt is unique. I mean, the mode of transportation. Biasanya, I'll ride on my parent's car, aircond apa semua. But this year, I've got the chances to jalan kaki, melalui bendang sawah, with kabus, some kereta lalu lalang ucap kullu sanah wa antum bil Khair ( I wish you to be in a good state every year lebih kurang cemtu maksud dia) and..... friends.

Short cut to the masjid. And the view was so.... Subhanallah. Ditambah dengan kabus2 lagi. So a selfie is like a must. Especially girls. LOL

After solat and khutbah raya, macam biasa lah. Commemorative photos are like a  must! Be it ladies or gentleman. And of course the latest trend of photos, selfie or selca or syok sendiri or whatever hahaha. LOL

Inside the mosque. Part of the ladies in our batch.

As I've said, the latest trend of photos, selfie!

And a photobomb-ed selfie

And a short meet up with their highschool friends

View around the masjid

OOTD with their jubahs

On my way back, I've managed to capture (or ask my friend to capture. Leuls) the view.

Can't resist to share the morning's beauty

And some pretty flowers disebalik rumput yang banyak

And lagi. A selca disebalik bendang sawah!

I really like this picture as it have a good angle (hahaha) and view. Oh and my baju raya dipilih by my umi. So, there's still this nice feeling inside mcm raya dengan family. Hahaha sentimental!

On our way back, we must pass a railway track. Should make a deep pose for being a pesenista i think lol but what to do, I'm not.

Back home. We reunite with our other housemate who went to solat sunat raya dekat tempat lain.

Oh and before that, our homemade raya cookies! To have that raya feel during kuliah's period, we decide to make few raya cookies such as Red Velvet cookies, Oreo cookies, Choc chip cookies, Cornflakes honey, Almond London and Mama Carey

This picture has a lovely feeling

And this picture has stop singing that lagu raya feeling

And usual highlight of the day........

A family potrait!

Second highlight of the day..................

Sesi tukar duit raya!

Come on fasterrrr. My turn! --- Dramaqueen

Sesi check duit raya!

Actually, to feel more of the raya vibe, we decide to exchange duit raya sesama kitorang. Nilai : RM 1. Soooo, memang gigih carik siapa yg ada RM 1 untuk ditukar duit. And on top of the note, we leave some memos, for memory. 2 in 1! Duit raya and kad raya.

My cut and paste version of angpau raya

Tengah hari sikit, we olls dapat jemputan open house by our classmates.

One of the tuan rumah.

2nd Syawal. My roommate plan nak buat ala-ala makan kecil-kecilan between few friends tau. So we collect  money and bahagi2 kan tugas beli apa, beli apa semua. Dalam masa yg sama, these dishes boleh dihidang untuk tetamu yg datang beraya!

The dishes included :
1. Sate ayam, daging, turkey.
2. Lontong and nasi impit.
3. Kuah kacang.
4. Ayam masak merah.
5. Rendang,

2nd Syawal.

Sorry if not all friends dapat whatsapp, sebab allocated budget is actually not for an open house concept (hehe sorryy), tho we send whatsapp to few friends, 'nak datang raya datang la, ada lauk sikit-sikit ni', gitu. For others, dia macam konsep siapa nak datang beraya, datanglaaa. InsyaAllah ada makanan. Afterall, konsep raya orang Malaysia kan ziarah-menziarahi, sooo takkisah raya-raya ni, dtg je, tp kena ring-ring dulu la, Hahaha! Btw why I said orang Malaysia? Because I didn't feel the raya vibe sangat mcm orang Malaysia dalam locals. Maybe they all sambut more to Raya Haji.

Petang tu pulak dapat invitation rumah terbuka lagi. Alhamdulillah rezeki. Walaupun takdelah lapar mana, tp dapat lah jugak rasa few others kuih raya and beberapa suap dishes (sebab kenyanggg) and meet up with some friends. The evening view was so peaceful, Dengan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasanya.

3rd Syawal. Again, we make a hi-guest-come-in-concept and whatsapp some friends sape nak datang beraya, meh lah, and I didn't mind if dorang yg tanya, nak datang raya boleh tak? For 3rd day, we make nasi minyak (nasi hujan panas), Terengganu style.

Takde gambar for today, sebab habis masak je solat apa semua, makannn.

I really enjoy make this kind of concept. Kawan lepak lama-lama. Catch up, exchange stories, watch movies, dengar lagu, main phone, baring lepas penat makan, sembang lagi sambil makan kuih raya, second round makan etc. It's like, come on mannn, it's raya. It leave me not much seconds for me to duduk sorang-sorang, sedih rindu ingat family and orang tersayang dekat Malaysia. Rindu tu maybe, but to sedih-sedih tu kurang. Afterall, it's a happy time, friend :)

Please pardon me sebab started at some points I dah macam mengantuk sikit, so mcm mood blogging tu mcm terhuyung hayang tapi nak jugak cerita! Hahahaha. And as usual, please pardon my grammar, yg macam biasa get-a-lol-your-grammar-mistake! Hehehe.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!
Maaf Zahir Batin!

Kullu sanah wa entum bil Khair!


Surprise Bridal Shower and my thoughts.


It's been awhile since I last update. I dont know how many persons will read this, but I hope anything that I wrote will give at least 0.1% benefit to the readers. While of course, the higher the percentage, the better :D

As I'm typing this, I've showered with a lot of thankful thoughts. For every air that we breath for free of charge, for every contractions of our heart to make the circulations goes on and on to help other parts of our body function well, for every chances that Allah swt continuously give me even after fruitful of sins but still, Allah grant me chances and chances and chances to repent, there's a lot of things that I'm thankful of. Alhamdulillah.

10th July 2015. I've learnt something new. Be kind to others. Well of course, this quote are not new to most of us. But I've learnt this quotes the other way around. I'm not saying I'm kind or something (but I hope I'll always trying to be a better person). Thing is, there's urge in me saying BE KIND , after received kindness from others.

A day before, I've been informed that our class (girl students) will have ifthar and class party on Friday (10th July 2015). So, my friend said the colour code is Mustard (And then I request to change to purple as Mustard is not my wardrobe colour code. LOL). But the weird thing is, they just informed me a day before and the 'organizer' (lol i dont know what the title supposed to be. let's just assume that haha!) assigned me to group with Karipap(Curry Puff)-task without my concern as I dont have much interest in making Karipap other than eating them!

Karipap-task , apple crumble-task , agar-agar santan-task , fruit-task and a lot of other foods task!

Things happen, the Karipap-leader-task (Hahaha i think this title is funny. LOL whatever) whatsapp me said that i didn't have to come, enough workforce. And of course I'm Yeay-ing inside while feel guilty as i didn't contribute. In the evening, I've got whatsapp from Ayam-Masak-Merah-Task to bring Oyster Sauce and benang to markaz (place) , so untuk tak rasa bersalah tak buat pape kerja, I uninomously okay untuk pergi markas bring the chores. ( I think I misinterpret the message as it's actually not asking me to come, but just prepared it somebody will pick them up LOL )

So,  as I'm entering the markaz, I could detect weird expression on my friends' face. Awkward. But I'm being positive. Either they are too tired or I'm not welcomed there, menyibuk je Hahaha yes I am. But I try to break the ice while offering to do anything, cut the pineapples, tied the balloons, guestboard and broke some conversations. For a few seconds I have this thought of Bridal Shower but i dont know why, I've come to conclusion TAK KOOOOT.

Around 5 something, I've sensed they are like trying hard to push me out of the markas AKA halau hahaha, SEDIH (But i'm being stubborn to stay for awhile). Even my housemates said that we will go separately as they will prepared at markaz, waiting for foods and whatever. And i was like why I feel like being on a separated island! #Dramaqueen

But whatever, I put on a yeah-whatever-cool-face and just being positive. Around 6.50 I went back to markaz with the so-called-colour-code. I've so surprised as I am the only one wearing purple! I've even asked them "KORANG TAK DAPAT UPDATE KE COLOUR THEME DAH TUKAR PURPLE" lol *Cryyyy malu je* Confident pulak tu tanya!

Until I've found a handmade decorated banner "MUJA's BRIDAL SHOWER". I was like what is thisssssssssssssssssssssss. I'm so surprised. Mixed feelings. I've even near to have this sad feelings with my closed friends sebab rasa macam dipinggirkan. Rupanyaaaaaa......

The handmade banner. Touched!

I'm so touched knowing that these peoples had planned these for almost a month, even packed with other schedules, exams, personal life etc. While I always almost disturb the surprise busy-body-nak-join-jugak-conversations. My friend even said "Susah k nak plan. Muja ni ada dekat mana-mana jeeee". Nevertheless, I'm so touched. Really really.

Put aside my closed friends (while of course I'm always thankful with whatever they did help me in) , my other friends, who willing to spend their times to prepare and take part in these event. Cook. Laugh. Colour code (I love combinations of mint & peach). Clean. Everything that hard for me to verbalized it for.

Thanks girls! Including the photographer!

Their kindness to me tho I know I'm not a really good friends to everybody everytime, make me wanna be kind to them. They teach me to be kind to everybody without measuring how closed the relationships are. Kind is universal. And I hope it is sporadic.

My #Dramaprincess

Oh btw, I think this bridal shower thingy is really good for practice smile for a longgg duration! Thanks for this rehearsel girls! :D

 Out of sudden, I think like I'm being a Pengarah or something............

Sebab tetibe kena present tukar-tukar hadiah.............

Tp alang-alang tu, layan jelaaaaaa.

Boleh practice senyum!

Dan practice senyum lagi.

Dan lagi.

Oh i think I'm enjoying it right now! Hahaha



This is called mimic sleep smile LOL idontcare as long as i smile

I think they are having a hard time keeping the surprise from me. As I'm so stubborn and nak tahu jugak and garang. Eh hahahaa. Almost 24 hours always there beside me here in Egypt, my housemates who is my classmates too.

And not to forget, the girl who photographed this. I think she also having hard time to keep them surprised! Hahahaha the innocent *name*

 I'm so into this guestboard idea. Sebab memang dah ada dekat markaz! I just need to bring my marker pen.

But the wishes are so hilarious hahaha! Especially yg sign and put her university  ID number. Mentang-mentang the title is sign your attendance. Hahaha

There are 2 cakes actually.

Another one is for July babies!


I hope by writing this post, it will always remind me to be kind to others regardless the level of relationships, whenever I have hard time to control my feelings to do it for. Memories may be lost one day, but the real things aren't. So this is one of my way to keep the real things are.

Sometime, I may not good in arranging my words (and tears LOL) to express how grateful and touched and happy I am. But deep inside, I really am. Really really. Thanks for teach me something new. And thank you for the memories girls. Zagazig, Egypt, 10th July 2015.

-xoxo, Mujahidah-