WBT DAY 7 & 8 !


Whoa, it's been like what 2 months? 3 months? since I've last update my blog. Busy, mencari mood nak update etc. hehehe.

Anyway, I nak continue my 2014 Winter Break Trip Travelogue which was one of the most adventurous days during this trip.

After Day 6, we back to our original travelmates group (3 to 3) as the other group travel to London first before Paris, while we directly take the flight to Paris from Egypt. 

Anyways, us 3 centralized kan all the emails, flights, train's ticket, disneyland's, hotels etc. into one email tau. Well, kitorang kan uruskan semua sendiri kan (Berdikari lah kunun kunun........ dan jimat). During Day 7, we all plan lah what to do on the last day kan to bid farewell to this beautiful country, to make more beautiful memories here (Seriously, we have such a wonderful time here) . *Sambungan insiden akan diceritakan selepas beberapa keping gambar dekat bawah ni heheh. Tapi seriously kena baca because it's one of rare thing that could happen to anyone and kena alert for next trip (insyaAllah, kena start jimat & kumpul duit dah)!

Scroll down to see few of the pictures :D ( But actually it should have been more pictures but the internet........... i should thank internet kan? Kalau tak habis lah all the selfies and posing tahpape pictures di post (Y) )

I think this shop ada jual bath bombs, we go inside and I'm so excited! Sebelum ni tengok gambar je sebab macam menarik sangat!

OKAY, this is my friend who i pushed her to pose with this cute red car.

Amsterdam's canal.

I just love the way they did constructions. Imean so clean and.... clean and tidy.

Normal sight at Amsterdam. Bicycles. It's like cars or motorcycles. One of the commonest mode of transportation here.

And I.... macam biasalah. Mesti nak melawat The Body Shop's outlet. Nasib lah tak shopping sangat.

Dan yeayy manage to restock my supplies! I usually bring 2 bottles of facial wash from Malaysia for the whole years (About 8 months or something)

And after all the shoppings and sightseeing and posing, we took tram to the Amsterdam Centraal and from there we took another train to Schipol Airports. We almost missed the train or in another words rode on the wrong train ! Hahaha so one of the important thing to bring while travelling is communication skills. ASK. Dont pretend like you know everything by googling etc okayyy.

You can see our luggages here. Actually it was not this much. Camera trick perhaps.... and girls just being girls hehehehe. Pardon us pls.

The thing is................... when we arrived at Schipol Airport, we couldn't find our flight number being scheduled in any of the screens and we are like of course nervous! Did we missed the flight? Did we enter the wrong airport? Did we rode on wrong trains? 

But keep cool, cause we are cool liddat. We ask the information counter where is our Airline's office to check what's going on. Again, ask. Eventhough you suppose to ride on the flight 2-3 hours later.

So..... the thing was..... the shocking thing was....... we took the numbers, wait for our turned patiently and ....... after check on their system, the nice KLM's lady told us that our flight have been rescheduled to the next day, which was about more than 24 hours (What should we do , where should we stay with few Euros left!) and emails had been send to my email address weeks ago! I didn't notice it and most probably because of the centralized email address was not on mine, so........... the nice lady suggest us what to do next etc etc (We are so nervous okay......)

After thorough discussions and think the pros and cons, we decided to book a hotel on the spot! There's less practical for us to sleep at the airport's chair, with cold winter's breeze and where to pray where to sleep, safety, toilets, internets, phone batteries, etc.

 We went to the booking hotel counter and again, a very nice and helpful lady suggest us few hotels. There is no budget hotels left ha ha ha, so.......... luxury's mode on.  There's no way we could afford to book the (non budget) hotel with few Euros left, so... emergency withdraw in action! Thank you mom and dad for the emergency fund :p Actually for all fundS.Thank youuuuu. We book Ibis' Schipol Hotels for one night for about 80 plus plus Euros (Divided by 3 persons) (Some may think wow that's so expensive, but that is the cheapest hotel left for the night, so....... hehehe)

Us, inside the bus to Ibis Schipol Hotel. See the tired face. But we enjoy this, jarang k dapat experience cenggini

Kiera while queue-ing for room's payment and room keys and all.

With that kind of price, we got a really really satisfying room! Spacey, Beautiful, and etc. The best hotel so far sepanjang journey kitorang.

2 single beds and 1 think 1 queen bed kot, study table, sofas, wardrobe, TVs beutiful toilet,  etc.

So, the next morning we strolled around the hotels, with crying stomach (Lapar hahaha but luckily I have my coffee beans chocolates left!) . Keluar kawasan hotel, dengan harapan jumpa restaurant.

Rasanya pasir kot dalam bag tu, kemasnyaaaaa. Takde kotor2, jatuh tumpah atas jalan buat susah nak lalu, I just love their cleanliness!

Traffic light button for cyclist :D 

And we find a place for breakfast! Sorry we have no choice, sebab taktahu status halal restaurant lain, so we stop by McDs and brought fillet-o-fish, fries kot tak ingat sorry it's been awhile hahaa and ice blended........ in the morning......... hehehe.

Actually , this happen before we went for breakfast-hunting (?) tau. I mixed the timelines up hahaha sorry. So, before breakfast hunting, we strolled around Ibis' Schipol Hotel and the view was so pulchritudinous (Breathtakingly beautiful) ! 

In front of the hotel

But first, let us use self timer!


Shuttle bus

Outside view. Lake and car park 

Car park in another area. It was so peaceful i couldn't help myself (And Kiera's too hahaha) from did this :P

Kind of forest view that got my attention untuk perasan prewed photoshoot sengsorang. I dont know, i think I have all this weird or maybe nature lover's ideas of photoshoot view hahaha.

Green grass that remind me of my Harmonis home (right now) ..... Before, i didnt remember why the why i took this photo. Shoes? Grass? Heehe

Outdoor pingpong's court which obviously takde orang main sebab cold weather kot and they were just acting *seagull's clap hakhak

Phone charger's machine

Again, lobby's

Back lackside view. I think this was our room's view. Rasanya laaah. Anyways, I just love the viewww. Plus the ducks.

One of the surrounding hotel's view. Actually we took a lot of posing whatever's photos, self timer's photos and we can even saw flights take off and landing few angles peripherally from here. I missed the timing and actually took a landing flight's pictures tp takberapa nak nampak sangat macam landing, nampak macam still flight cenggitu je. So hehehe. Tapi the view sangat lah cantik.

Waktu ni dah masuk Zuhr tau. So, sebab dah check out bilik and taktahu nak solat kat mana, we decided to pray celah2 kereta dekat car park! One person for watchout, 2 persons did the prayer cenggitu. Yelah kang ada yg pelik dah apa budak2 ni buat dekat celah kereta orang hahaa.

So, the episodes end there with all the pictures, the lepaks, the pusing2 jalan2, the breakfast hunting, we rode on the shuttle bus and went to the airport for our real flight :) Thank you Amsterdam for the beautiful memories :')

Kind of our dinner. Take away sesiap.

Okay the thing is, for Maghrib and Isyak's prayer, I learned this thing from my mom and dad and adik, during our visit to UK tau. Dekat clark village rasanya waktu tu.  solat dalam baby care's room. Ada yg jadi watchout, the rest solat. So, I pun implement lah cara ni dalam trip kalini :D

Ni bukan poyo poyo ekeleeh, nak tunjuk gigihnya dia mencari tempat menunaikan kewajipan lah ni en. No No No, seriously. It's just sharing experience and knowledge, dan maybe alternatives & guides time2 uolls pulak berjalan nnt taktahu nak solat dekat mana etc kan, so boleh implement cara ni. Photobooth, any not crowded places, carparks, baby care's room, any nearest masjid or musolla anywhere. Yg penting, kewajipan jangan ditinggalkan selagi takde sebab2 yg dibolehkan (You know what they are, taktahu boleh refer kepada sesiapa yg berilmu pasal tu , or even google :))

And continue :)

Actually this was our first time self check in using this machine. Terkial-kial jugaklah, tp seronok. New knowledge and experience :D

And this was also our first time self baggage check in. Masukkan bag, dapat tag, letak sendiri, timbang berat bag dengan nervous etc. But it was fuuuuuun.

And then we wait for our flight etc. and having a nice and safe take off and landing (With delicious on board meals. I dont know, I always anticipate for onboard meals and always enjoyed it like so much. Sometimes I even took my travelmates' food dengan alasan tak elok membazir dah bayar mahal mahal while actually it's just me, being me :P)

Alhamdulillah, I think this is enough for my experience's sharing for Winter Break Trip 2014. I hope it will help readers (If there is any la hehehe) and thank you so so much for reading (especially daripada Day 1!) .

Ps. Special thanks to my travelmates for all this wonderful sweet and a bit sour hahaha (:P) to balance the travels' moments with you all. In fact, this was my first Winter Break Trip with friends, so ada lah rasa independent banyak sikit (With all the bookings and researches where to what to do etc by ourselves) and I really enjoyed it so much. And getting to know all of you deeper than I have. Thank you so much!

Alhamdulillah for all Your gifts and blessings, there's so much things that You give us more than we could have asked for. Thank You so much ya Allah. Thank you so much also mom and dad for all this opportunities :')

Actually we are currently in final exam's period. So... please do pray for our mumtaz and success dunia and akhirat ameen :) Untuk tersalah cakap, tersalah bahasa, tersalah kata, tersalah nada dibaca, tersalah buat, tersalah post etc. minta maaf sangat sangat. Thank you for reading and all the best in everything we chose to do!

Till then, take care!
-Mujahidah Asri-