Under some unexplainable reasons and irresponsible people, i hereby announce that i will no longer operate this blog actively, or perhaps not at all. I am deeply seek for forgiveness to those who are sincerely read or follow this blog, since 2008 untill now.

However, to those who really know me, or maybe i really know her/him, and still want to read my writings, kindly inbox me your email through my facebook or twitter or maybe to those my friends who in egypt and willing to visit it, can inbox my number, as i am now operating my new blog which i private it to the bold-ers as above. Because it's kinda hard you know, abolishing this 'blogging habit' of me.

Lastly, to anyone who finally realized they were acting childish and irresponsible, please change your manners and always remember your mother, father and those your beloved. I am very dissapointed with your act and i hope you/all will never do this again.

Thank you, do halal(kan) all your kindness to me and am so sorry for this long farewell muujaaa.blogspot's text and other my wrong doings. Thank you so much and salam.

On the middle pages :)


So the final examination is seriously just around the corner. Perasaan? Dont ask. I just pray so that all my friends and i, will give our best and get the best degrees. Ameen. ---> smile.

Anyhow, lari topic sikit. You know, being matured is not about Wow, i got so many problems to settle, so many responsibilities to handle, stress! And it is also not about who is older than who or vice versa. It's all about how we face it. How we handle it.

I dont wanna say that 'I am different from most girls' because that's the line most girls say. To be honest, I am a normal, typical, full of emotions girl who try to face her stress-ness with less mengeluh. U know, mengeluh almost 22/7 is so not cool. Memang lah tak dapat nak dielakkan, but at least, TRY to cut it short. It's not like me is the only one who got problems here. Everybody does. Yang membezakan ialah the frequency & pitchness of those problems, In our point of view.

Truth, i miss the old me. But i've never regret what and how am i doing now. Because i am the one who choose from those choices. So, menyesal, mengeluh, patut aku kurangkan.

Sebenarnya, haritu my friend (Thank you friend!) told me kite kena elakkan 3 M dalam kehidupan seharian kita and one of it, mengeluh. So kurangkan megeluh. Note to self and to others :3

That's all. Akhir sekali, please doakan semoga kitorang dapat jawab final exam dengan mumtaznya! Kalau ada terkasar bahasa, taktenang kata or whatever, harap dimaaf ye. Serious taksengaja. Itu bukan fitrahku, hehe :P Take care.

Assalamualaikum :)